War Against Terrorism

3 March 2017

WAR AGAINST TERRORISM Terrorism means extreme fear. It is an act of terrorizing which means to use force of threatening to demoralize & subjugate others. It is a form of violent actions used to enforce the authorities or the government or communities for a special purpose or to achieve political demands in a country or worldwide. Actually the rebels of a country make frantic efforts in order to pressurize the government to bring about a radical change in the domestic as well as foreign policies. It is the most disgusting and disputable crime one can commit against humanity.

These horrendous acts of terrorism have been going on unabated since donkey’s years at international as well as in our country. The concept of terrorism has become so elastic that there seems virtually no limit to what could be described it. The syndrome of terrorism has engulfed almost the entire world. Terrorism is not a new phenomenon, but its recent manifestations bring to light its forms, scope and methods quite distinct from istorical pattern. Terrorism is a pejorative term that seems to reflect a system rather than present the case for unjustified and unlimited violence.

War Against Terrorism Essay Example

It’s no longer a problem of specific countries but an issue involving a number of internal aspects. The most heinous crime a terrorist commits is a suicide bomb blast, this clandestine act is done desperately in which hundreds and thousands of innocent people are killed. At the present age, terrorism has victimized the decent & peace loving people of this society. Factually peace and stability are the essential factors for the growth & prosperity of the nation. Every nation calls itself the best & tries to exploit the rights of others.

Terrorism itself is the antithesis of human rights. Well planned and coordinated measures should be adopted to reduce the threat of global terrorism. In an open pluralistic society, physical security measures alone will not be enough to combat terrorism. The inner strength of a democracy against terrorism lies in citizen’s determination. Anti-terrorism cooperation should be strengthened through a comprehensive global effort employing political, economic, military & loveable cultural means to win their hearts & minds.

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