War and Peace

7 July 2016

Peace. It is something that a man says he keeps by fighting a war. The correct meaning of peace is only emphasized by Victor Hugo’s quote ‘Peace is the virtue of civilization and war is its crime. ’ Peace is a feeling of being a human that can only be achieved by understanding and not war. And peace begins with you. There is indeed no such way to peace rather peace is the way to make a better world. It is a blossoming flower whose quintessence can be felt by each and every soul.

World War I and World War II left people in nothing except a great despair. Overlooking the repercussions of these most unforgettable mistakes ever made by humankind in order to propagate peace, our power of love has got completely replaced by our love for power. But, as they say, it is never too late. Do not let your mind be controlled by self-centredness. Thank those who opposed you as they made you strong. Thank those who betrayed you as they made you realize who you are.

War and Peace Essay Example

Thank those who stayed with you as they made you feel how important you are. With the powerful feelings of forgiveness and gratitude will germinate the seeds of peace. Let our true literacy replace the castle of wars and sorrow by the fortress of peace and harmony. Better than being a good Christian, Sikh or Hindu is being a wonderful human who looks forward to world peace by eliminating the boundaries of criticism and narcissism between various nations. Be that requisite person to get a desired world.

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