War In Afghanistan Essay Research Paper In

9 September 2017

War In Afghanistan Essay, Research Paper

In response to the September 11 onslaughts, the United States should declare war on the responsible group. As a state, we should make merely the actions that conveying about the best effects, and the best effects would happen by conveying the responsible group to justness. In this instance, killing the Taliban and its protagonists is the right action because it produces the greatest sum of good.

The theory that we should merely make the actions that conveying about the best effects is a consequentialist theory. Consequentialism is right because if the action taken creates the most possible good, so that action must be the right action. Consequentialism leads to the right action because the right action is the action that produces the greatest sum of good or the least sum of bad. For illustration killing one individual is bad, but killing two people is worse. If you could merely take between killing one individual and killing two people, the action that brings about the best effects is killing one individual, because it produces the least sum of bad.

The Taliban and terrorist groups like it are a menace to people all over the universe. As we have seen with the September 11 onslaught, they are pitiless and really unsafe. This onslaught killed 700 people with 4,569 people still losing. ( USA Today ) . These types of groups should non be allowed to roll free to do mayhem on guiltless civilians around the universe. We can non allow the Taliban continue to kill because they could easy make the same thing once more to us or other states. In order to bring forth the most good we must repress these terrorist groups before they can strike once more.

I think that the United States should utilize force to capture the Taliban terrorist group. We are limited in our actions merely by what would convey about the best effects. I believe that we should get down by bombing strategic military marks that could perchance be used by the Taliban against us. After these marks are destroyed, we should utilize land military personnels and aircraft to seek for and destruct the enemy and its resources. These resources include: mills that produce bombs, guns, etc. ; bid centres ; and all wartime equipment.

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In a war, guiltless people will decease. It can non be helped. Although bombing tallies may kill guiltless civilians, they must be done. For illustration, a school with 50 kids in it is located following to a Taliban bomb mill. The U.S. should blow up the bomb mill even if it means that the 50 kids will decease. This is because the bombs that are produced in the mill can be used to kill many more than 50 people. These deceases are justified because a greater good will come from the devastation of the mill. Until it is executable for a war to be fought where no guiltless people will decease, these civilian deceases are justified because a greater good will come from the devastation of a menace to a greater figure of people.

So far, the Taliban has reported that 1,500 people have been killed on the U.S. bombardment foraies. ( Washington Post ) Even though these Numberss are suspected to be exaggerated, these deceases are justified because the Taliban has the possible to kill many more than 1,500 people. The September 11 onslaughts prove that. Besides the Taliban is partially to fault for the high figure of civilian deceases because they have been intentionally posting military equipment and forces in populated countries ( Washington Post ) . The Taliban military personnels have besides taken over private places and charities in the metropoliss, doing it harder for the United States to pick out civilians from Taliban forces ( Boston Globe ) . This besides will take to a higher inadvertent civilian decease rate, but this every bit good is justified.

This is non to state that the United States should seek and kill as many civilians as possible. It is merely all right to kill civilians if and merely if the deceases come as a byproduct of the devastation of something that will aide in the success of the war. Killing as many Afghan citizens as possible would non hold a positive consequence on our run. For this ground, the United States should non utilize atomic arms unless something really unexpected happens. The lone ground atomic arms should be used is to halt an event that would be worse than the effects of utilizing these arms. But, hopefully things won & # 8217 ; t acquire bad plenty to warrant the usage of atomic arms.



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