War & Violence

3 March 2019

The word war defines a state of armed conflicts between nations or
groups. It’s the activity of fighting. War is a vicious circle. A war
never is big when it starts. In reality, it will grow by time. A small
problem may cause a war, which is full of horror. It can be a quarrel,
grudge, misunderstanding, murder, illegal act or a mistake which may
start a problem. It will grow big gradually and eventually, it would
bring up a war and make separation between nations or groups. Perhaps,
there’s possibility for it to be between communities or among them.

The same activities caused war even in the early ancient times. Maybe,
the wars during then weren’t for a long period of time. Even though,
it was total violence. It’s very clear that this dangerous act had its
proceedings since then. In fact, warfare developed in technology, step
by step from every age.

Unlike from those days, in these few centuries, war and acts of
violence didn’t or do not take place in reserved areas for battling.
During the World Wars, almost the whole world had to be cautious about
its happenings. All days and nights, war victims, the people who
weren’t involved in war had to be attentive about the attacks to
protect themselves. They had their fearful thoughts at the top.

Overall, ordinary people are affected mostly. Meanwhile, war doesn’t
stand as there procedure to find a solution for their problems. Also
they do not desire it. The poor ones are happened to die for no reason
but war. When we talk about war regarding the people, it’s an act full
of violence, tremendous destruction, no mercy, never leave a sign of
relief, injustice, hard even to wonder about finding peace.

A war in its best would result a big destruction. Even a victory would
bring gladness in the least for that particular team, group or
community etc. as they miss so many things; lose the lives of their
companions, miss the families, losing property and other lacking for a
better future. In fact, the whole country has to experience the
pathetic situations.

But, after all, when the war has come to an end, in the sides of the
groups involved in war, there’s no use for them to regret about all
the damages caused by the war. Specially, by the people who were
reasons for a war. Anyway, war can be stopped by living with the
tastes of different lives. We can stop entanglement by war and
violence and bring up a united world. Be free from brutality by
seeking peace.

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