Warehouse Management Report

2 February 2017

It is a major portion of the chain system of supply and mostly focuses to regulate the flow, goods storing inside a warehouse and process the linked transactions. It also includes shipping, receiving, put away, delivery and picking. WM’s main focus is to regulate the movement & storage of goods with receiving, loading, picking within a storeroom. Today WM is widespread unit compare than legacy system & entered into every business and country of the world.

Today picking, packing, shipping are involved in WM system. 2. The benefits that it offers: * Rapid inventory turns: It controls inventory flow and thus reducing times.It also improves the accurateness of inventory accounts and this way supports a Just In Time environment. Because of this, the requirement of Buffer stock decreased. This benefit maximizes inventory totals and use of working capital. * Extra use of Warehouse’s available space: To reduce buffer stock needs, this system rise free space of warehouse.

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It locates items in well manner so that one can easily find items related to reception, plant, packing, and delivery points in free space of warehouse. Now with this improved productivity, it reduces costs of inventory stock considerably.

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