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10 October 2017

& # 8217 ; t Cry Essay, Research Paper

? Warriors Don & # 8217 ; t Cry?

By: PePe Reyes

Melba Pattillo Beals had to contend one of the most brave wars in history, a

war against colour. Melba was one of nine black pupils who was involved in one of the

most of import civil rights motions in American history. These nine black pupils were the first to go to the all-white Central High School

in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was a major turning point for inkinesss all across the United

States and opened the manner for other inkinesss to get down go toing white schools. Melba

began her narrative with her childhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. She lived with her female parent,

grandmother, and brother in a rigorous and spiritual family. Her household had come to accept

the fact that they would ever be mistreated because of their colour. In the South this

mistreatment of inkinesss was seen as absolutely normal. As a immature miss, she experienced first manus how atrocious it was to be segregated

against and be invariably ridiculed merely because of her colour. She wanted to make something about it and prayed for an chance that would

let her to contend back and hopefully do a difference. On May 17, 1954, Melba? s

chance began to emerge. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in

public schools was unconstitutional in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

In malice of the Supreme Court opinion, Arkansas did non get down to incorporate its schools.

Finally, a federal tribunal ordered Central High School in Little Rock to get down acknowledging

black pupils in 1957 in order to get down the province? s procedure of integration. She was one of nine

brave pupils who decided to seek to go to the all-white Central High School.

Although all the pupils knew it would non be easy to be the first black pupils to

integrate, it was a batch more strenuous and hard than anyone of them had imagined. On

the first twenty-four hours that they tried to go to Central High School, they didn? t even acquire into the

school. There were 1000s of people from all over the state outside the school that

forenoon. Most were anti-segregationists seeking to forestall the nine pupils from

come ining. As the nine pupils walked past the angry rabble and tried to come in the school,

they were stopped and turned away by National Guardsmen who had been sent by Orval

Faubus, the governor of Arkansas. Two hebdomads later President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent

1,000 federal tr

oops to Little Rock to continue the Supreme Court? s determination and let the

integration of Central High. As the twelvemonth progressed, the nine pupils went through a

great trade of agony and anguish, but all stayed strong and kept go toing, cognizing they

were doing a difference in the lives of inkinesss all across the state. This was a war that had to be fought for civil rights, and Beal? s book shows the enormous

battle and enduring she and the eight other pupils went through. Every twenty-four hours

during the school twelvemonth, the Little Rock Nine were harassed unrelentingly. They would acquire

their books and jackets stolen, have stones thrown at them, be tripped, pushed into corners

and crush repeatedly. Not merely did the instructors let all of this happen, but they joined in

on some of the name-calling. The pupils even feared for their lives at times. One such

event took topographic point when a white pupil and a group of his friends came bear downing across a

field shouting at Melba, endangering to hang her. In other cases, the nine black pupils

received bomb menaces at their places and decease menaces against their household members on a

regular footing. One of the most gratifying things about

being a adolescent is being able to be with your friends and socialise exterior of school.

This chance was stripped from Melba the 2nd she decided to go to Central High

School. She couldn? T of all time leave her house for anything because of changeless menaces and

anti-segregationists who were merely waiting exterior of her house. Even her black friends from her

old school abandoned her because they were afraid they might be seen by white

citizens and hassled themselves. Sometimes she urgently wanted to give up and hold her old life

back. Once she said that she wanted to decease because the conflict was merely excessively difficult. When she

was truly discouraged, she found bravery in her religion in God and in the support from her

household members. Warriors Don? T Cry is an history of bravery and a milepost

for the civil rights motion. It is because of their battles and the conflicts fought by

Melba Beals and the other eight pupils that desegregation eventually took topographic point in

Arkansas. At the terminal of the school twelvemonth, the black pupils emerged from Central High

victoriously. They had survived an full twelvemonth in the hostile environment of the school.

They had opened the doors for other black pupils in the full state to go to white


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