Warped Tour

Since 1993, the Vans Warped Tour has catered to the needs of the rebellious, punk-rock blasting, skateboarding youth of Southern California and across the United States. Each summer, up to 100 up-and-coming bands hit the road and tour the nation, traditionally kicking-off and ending the tour in Southern California. β€œIt’s a really great experience,” says senior Aaron Dudek, one of the many sharks who caught the show in Pomona, β€œI got to see all my favorite bands in one day!”

While the tour was intended for ska-punk and punk bands, the changing times have allowed for numerous alternative acts, with genres ranging from pop-punk to post-hardcore. This year’s first-timers included indie groups Say Anything and We The Kings, which hold a large Santiago fan base, as well as the pop-music artist Katy Perry. Among the tour’s veterans were Pennywise and Reel Big Fish.

So what can a newcomer expect of this hot (literally, hot) summer tour? Well, they can expect to be at least slightly sunburned, to spend around $50 on semi-cold beverages to keep from passing out and to sample a plethora both old and new bands. Younger crowds usually opt more for β€œhere-today-gone-later-today” acts like Shwayze (whose appearance on the tour was questionable if not downright strange, considering genre), others line up to see myspace-made hits like Forever the Sickest Kids and The Maine. On the other hand, bands like Angels and Airwaves, Relient K, and Anberlin attracted die-hard fans, like senior Brian McNeilley who bragged that he β€œstarted the pit” at Anberlin and met Relient K at a church gig before they hit it big. For ska-punk enthusiasts, the skanking Reel Big Fish crowd offered a sense of home to the tour.

Overall, the heat and the cash were worth it for this day-long summer tour.

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