Warped Tour Concert Experience

1 January 2017

For Warped is an adjective defined as disapproving, humorous, strange, and unpleasant. One would think that a music event titled Van’s Warped Tour would be crazy or different; some may even think badly upon it. To the fans who attend this concert every summer, it means so much more. It is a replacement of all negative aspects of outside life with a unity bound by a common love of music. I can guarantee that anyone who goes to this concert will be able to experience a different atmosphere that differs greatly from that of everyday life.

It can be said that Warped Tour can be looked as the modern day Woodstock. At its basics, Warped Tour is a concert and festival held every summer. Bands follow the tour all around the United States and some of Canada. Many stages, merchandise tents, and food stands line the grounds of the venue. At the center of all the festivities is the blow-up schedule which tells you what time and at what stage a band is playing. Also, clearly labeled are first aid tents that can prove very crucial if an injury is to occur.

Lastly and most importantly, the people that go to Warped Tour are the ones that set this event apart from any other day concert because they build the unified atmosphere, which is what sticks with me every year once the day ends. Many attendees of this concert come from different walks of line, but the music is what we can all come together and enjoy as one. About five stages will cover the grounds of Monmouth County Raceway at the Oceanport date; all of which will house very different bands with very different styles of music.

On one stage, The Ready Set will be performing ‘Young Forever,’ but at the next stage over Asking Alexandria is just starting the first verse of ‘A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta. ’ Knowing these bands, one would be able to understand the variety of artists playing this tour. This diversity gives concert-goers the opportunity to see bands of all genres and makes the forty five dollar tickets worth every penny. Like any concert, depending on which bands you see, you will be faced with completely varying crowds.

A crowd for Stephen Jerzak, a pop-punk love songwriter, is going to be a ‘sway-back-and-forth and sing-along’ kind of crowd where everyone is calm and laid back. Whereas a crowd for Attack Attack, a hardcore ‘screamo’ band, is going to have a crowd filled with lots of pushing, crowd surfing, walls of death, and ‘moshpits. ’ One has to know what they are getting into before going into a crowd where he could get potentially hurt.

My dad always tells me to stay back to avoid danger, but being right by the stage while your favorite band is playing is worth any inflicted injury. Although one would think a crowd is very brutal or unforgiving, from experience, if one falls or gets hurt, anyone will give you a hand and make sure that person is okay. Any band that plays at Warped Tour has a ‘merch’ tent. Here is where one can buy a t-shirt, bracelet, or poster for the band.

If one is lucky, the band members will be there signing merchandise. Everyone knows that a tent with a huge line is where a signing is taking place. It is a great opportunity to meet and greet the band and get their apparel that generally one can’t find at his local mall. Personally, I spend most of my money on goods instead of food or drinks. It’s nice to have some memorabilia from Warped Tour and be able to support the bands. I’ve purchased everything from shirts and shorts to Frisbees and guitar picks.

After going to Warped Tour for three years now, I can see myself going for many years to come. I enjoy the music, people, and atmosphere of the whole festival. It will always be the highlight of my summer and possibly the highlight of my year. Some people may say it’s crazy, but Warped Tour and the music that comes along with it will forever be the factor that sculpts me and my generation. One can bet that I can always be found on the grounds of Monmouth County Raceway on that hot day in the end of July that Warped Tour is held.

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