Warrior by Ke$ha

8 August 2019

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived; Ke$ha released yet another eccentric and rebellious album to the public. She continues to enlighten us with her drunken teenage ways, despite the fact that she is twenty-five years old, but I don’t think her juvenile lyrics are accidental. Ke$ha is purposefully reverting back to her teen self in order to reach out to her main audience: teenage girls.
Us teenagers are usually dealing with what seems like a million and one problems that probably have to do with something along the lines of popularity and/or our parents. We want to let lose and actually have fun, but more than any of that we want to defy authority to feel “alive,” even if only for a second. In reality, girls like myself probably won’t do anything more rebellious than not clean their room when their mother asks them to, but, hey, girls can dream.

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Instead, we choose to live vicariously through Ke$ha’s new album “Warrior” and her lyrics describing intoxicated adventures, not unlike those in her past albums.
Ke$ha’s entire music career seems to be based off her tales of sex, drugs and alcohol. She started as a girl brushing her teeth with Jack Daniel’s and hasn’t changed much since, still “sipping on a warm Budweiser” in her new song “C’Mon.” Apparently she doesn’t feel the need to grow up, but while she continues living her crazy life, her fans are forced to grow up and a new generation of wannabe rebels must replace them.
Despite her seemingly out of hand lifestyle, I do respect Ke$ha and her carefree personality. It’s nice to have an album out there that doesn’t evoke any other emotion than the desire to dance. She likes to party, admits to being crazy and doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. Really, her only advice is to embrace life. I can understand why parents wouldn’t want their impressionable teenagers to listen to her vulgar language but if one can look past all of that, I don’t think her “love life” approach gives out such a bad message.

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