Warrior by Paradise Fears

8 August 2019

When I first listened to Paradise Fears, I never would have thought that six guys whom I have never met in my entire life would change my life the way it has. Their music has become my inspiration; my Sanctuary.
Paradise Fears; Sam Miller, Cole Andre, Jordan Merrigan, Michael Walker, Lucas Zimmerman, and Marcus Sand have all changed my life for the better. These boys are more than a regular boy band who takes their fans for granted, but they actually appreciate each and every one of their fans, and they make sure we know that.

When I finally got to meet these guys in August of 2012 when they came to Canada with Forever the sickest kids; I was amazed and blessed with their presence. Literally. Although Marcus, the bass guitar player couldn’t make it to Canada, the rest of the boys absolutely amazed me with their acoustic set as well as their little meet and greet session.

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And what I absolutely loved the most about this was that their meet and greets are more than just a “Can I take a picture with you,” but more of a “Hi, Thank you so much for being our fan. Your support means the world to us. Would you like a picture?” and I remember Sam thanking my cousin and I over and over again, simply for being his fans.

More importantly, all their songs tell a story. The second sam miller opens his mouth, and when the rest of the band starts playing and adding onto his words, the whole world just disappears for those 3 minutes.
So I let you in
But I’m so scared of what you’ll see
Just skin and bones
Hiding this monster inside of me

And I don’t need much
I just need a little room to breathe
And I need you
But I’m not so sure you need me

And I felt empty
What’s left of me?

There’s a soul
There’s a pulse
There’s a warrior
There’s a hole where my heart used to be
Now I’m filling it up with all the things
I always said I’d be
I always said I’d be

Just take a second to read those words. Now go on YouTube and search up Warrior – Paradise Fears. Actually pay attention to Sam’s words. Now try and tell me that’s not how every teenage feels on the inside. Regardless of how perfect or ruined their family/social life is.
I’ll leave you off with this, “There’s a Soul, There’s a Pulse, There’s a Warrior.” Be that warrior.

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