Was America founded as a Christian Nation

2 February 2019

America was not founded as a Christian nation. There are many reasons why this is so. During the 1600’s the Virginia Company of London, viewed settling as a profit. Jamestown was settled by many wealthy bourgeoise who were enticed by the gold of the Indians. Only when it ocurred to them that gold was almost nonexistant in Virginia, John Rolfe introduced the market with a less bitter tasting tobacco. This gained popularity and helped develop settlements in the colonies.

In the later years, Roger Williams was exiled from Massachusetts for radical ideas, such as seperating church from government. Lord Calvin, founder of Maryland was more tolerant for other religions and William Penn even allowed Jews. Many of these folk were inspired from the writers of the enlightenment John Locke, and Jacques Rosseau. In the beginning of the 1700’s there were many inspirational leaders, such as Thomas Paine with the Common Sense, and Benjamin Franklin, which convinced people of seperating church from government. Another aspect that one must consider is the melting pot.

Was America founded as a Christian Nation Essay Example

In the U.S. Constitution, there is no mention of God, or religion in any sense. In the first Amendment it declares that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. America is different from other nations. There are many cultures that transpire in every niche of America. The Paxtons and German influences. New York before belonged to the Dutch, while Florida belonged to the Spanish. The Jews fled during the Holocaust to the United States, and the Chinese came too during the Second World War. Many traditions were adopted and accepted throughout all these years. While some people that live were Christians, not all of them were. America was never one sole religion, but in fact a diaspora of religous ideals, accumulated together.

Therefore, America is secular. Many people entice the idea of a tolerant nation. No one is forced to wear a shawl. People are able to choose what ideals to follow and believe in what the like. In this era many people view the “In God we trust” as an american motto, but I truly believe that the real model is ” WE The People”. That is why the whole nation was made. The United States of America was made as a haven for all sorts of religion and culture. It was for Puritans to relinquish ties with the English Church. According to many ideals, the government should substantiate for the the people. This is the ideal that the Founding Fathers pursued in creating this nation.

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