Was Brutus the Noblest Roman of Them All?

2 February 2017

Was Brutus the noblest roman of all? “This was the noblest roman of them all” Mark Anthony said about Brutus in the play Julius Caesar, after Brutus had killed himself at the battle of Philippi. Although Brutus had participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Julius’s nephew, was praising Brutus as a noble person. But how was he noble? In the beginning of the play, we meet Brutus, a highly respected, much loved, senator of Rome. He loved Rome as a republic and he has a good life until he is led astray by Cassius.

When he becomes embroiled in the assassination of Caesar, he is very reluctant to do so. In the way he acted, you could tell he has sleepless nights over what he should do. He decided to kill Caesar for the good of Rome. This is an important point. One of the reasons why Brutus was noble is that he did not assassinate him for personal gain, but for the greater good, the good of Rome. Unlike the other conspirators, he was not envious, and acted in his best intentions. He had no bad motives. He thought he was right, so he went with his decision instead of being indecisive and cowardly.

These reasons show that he was an honourable and noble man. He was popular which shows he was a good man as large numbers of ordinary citizens would not side with a bad man. In the scene when the conspirators plotted the assassination, Brutus said that they should not disrespect Caesar’s body by chopping limbs off but to give him a funeral and to make sure his body was like “a dish fit for the gods. ” He also said not to kill Mark Anthony as he was not dangerous and that he wanted Caesars death to be a sacrifice, not a bloodbath.

This shows he was a caring person and didn’t fit the persona of “murderer” unlike the other conspirators, who were all keen on killing Mark Anthony and who couldn’t care less about Caesar’s body. Brutus is trusted with Cassius’s secrets about the weaknesses of Caesar in an effort to turn Brutus against Caesar in a pang of jealousy and anger at Caesar for getting famous, while Cassius wasn’t. Cassius plants into Brutus’s head that he and Caesar are equal and that Caesar is just a weak coward.

During the assassination of Caesar, Caesar took all the knife wounds caused by the other conspirators, but, when he saw Brutus with a knife in his hand he cried out “Et tu, Brute? (Even you, Brutus? )- Then fall Caesar! ” This shows that he was very shocked at the best friend betraying him, because he was normally very loyal. After the assassination, Brutus speaks to the crowd, who were demanding an explanation. He was a good orator and when he justifies his reasons to kill Caesar he says “If, then, that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more. This shows that he was truly noble as it proves he did it for all the right reasons. He also allowed Anthony to speak at Caesars funeral. While it was a dangerous decision, it was also a brave decision. However Anthony swings the crowd over to his side and he partners with Octavius to get revenge on the conspirators. Meanwhile, Brutus and Cassius are having an argument. Brutus is accusing Cassius of taking bribes, and therefore undoing the goodness that Brutus thought that killing Caesar had done. He accuses Cassius of having “an itchy palm. ” This shows that he was righteous and he loved by high standards.

At the end Brutus kills himself, by running on a sword, rather than being captured and then paraded as a disgrace. In roman times, killing yourself would be the noble thing to do. However, he had his flaws, his main one was being too trusting, which led to his downfall. Following this evidence above, it is conclusive that he was a very noble man. He was trustworthy honest, mostly loyal, caring and honourable. His flaws are greatly outnumbered by his good deeds, to the extent that even his enemies accepted his nobility after Mark Anthony was avenged. Brutus was a reluctant conspirator, a clever man and decisively noble.

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