Was the American Revolution Inevitable

1 January 2018

Even though the American Revolution was imposed because of undisputed land in North America to be claim neither for France or Britain it would eventually happen because of Britain Was increasing the economic, social and political differences between the colonists and Great Britain A primary cause of the colonists ‘desire for independence was the frustration of overbearing taxes and economic control over the colonies.The British operated the colonist under mercantilism which is aimed at self-reliance and strengthening the national economy by accumulating revenue, gaining loonies, and establishing a favorable balance of trade. The economic system mercantilism ultimately leads to the the colonies losing profits to the British as they taxed the colonies.

In addition, the British passed the Navigation Act that required the colonist to primarily trade with the British.As a result, the colonists resented the action of the British, which leads to conflict between the British and the colonist Throughout history, the British believed that the British policy of salutary neglect was important for British to enforce in order o bring net profits into the mother-country. After the French and the Indian War, the British debt forced salutary neglect to come to an end in 1763 also the Proclamation of 1 763 occurred which alleviated relations with native after the war.To begin with, the Sugar Act, allow the British to control the colonies and the colonists resisted their actions, Also the Stamp of 1765 was one of the many disregarded Act that was imposed on the colonist by Great Britain. It directly taxed the colonists by forcing them to pay a tax on all printed items that they produced in the colonies. The colonists reacted by the formation off Stamp Act Congress in which they challenged the constitutionality of both the Stamp and Sugar Act by declaring that only the colonists’ elected representatives could tax them.By the colonist refusing to buy products of the British, it ultimately hurt the British economy.

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Also the Son of Liberty were created in order to oppose the Act placed on the colonist. Every Act and taxes placed on the colonist allow the independence of the colonist to be inevitable. An other factor in making the Revolution unavoidable is that the colonies come more increasingly diverse and were diverging from colonist of British population. There were multiple groups that came in population such as Germans, Scots-Irish, Irish and other groups.Even though, the colonist were diverse, there was a distinct identity of America that separated America from the other home countries based on their social status. Also colonists’ aggressive and resentment leads to conflict known as the Boston Massacre. The bitterness led to conflict which leads to the inevitable push for possible independence.

Finally, the colonists resented the political system by the British because of their lack of representation in the Parliament . The British defended political system by representing virtually to colonies.Being governed under British rule, the colonist considered themselves as British citizens, but felt the political system is unfair in which they declared, “No taxation without representation”. Furthermore, as Britain tried to gain full control over the colonies it allow the colonists to reject their authority. For Example, the Boston Tea Parry is an historical example of how British tried to control of looniest but as a result the colonist dress up like Indians and threw the tea in the ocean.However, the colonists saw them as “intolerable” people in response to the Boston Tea Party purpose of occurring. Lastly, the introduction of Enlightenment and writing of Declaration of Independence change government rule from a monarchical rule to a government that people rule themselves.

It is possible that the British could have avoided some of the conflict during the era of the American Revolution by granting some of the requested of the colonists and less to the subject to the loyalty to the crown.Even if the colonist request were completed this would not have delay the inevitableness of the separation of British and the colonist. The independence through the American Revolution allow the birth of rights and opportunities to many minorities in the late asses and 1 sass. To conclude, the conflicts leading to the American Revolution was of increasing frustration between the British and colonists. Because of British need to pay off debt from the French and Indian War, the desire for British to manage their affairs’ of the colonists, which allow the American Revolution to be inevitable.

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