Was The Y2k Bug A Hoax Essay

10 October 2017

Was The Y2k Bug A Hoax? Essay, Research Paper

Was the Y2K Bug a Hoax?

Keith Best

Possibly the biggest intelligence narrative of the 1999 was the Y2K bug. Many trusters in the Y2K bug panicked and took many safeguards, such as carrying up nutrient and H2O before the New Year. While their non-believer opposite numbers merely look at it as a regular New Year and planned to make what they would usually make on New Year s Eve.

There was a batch of ballyhoo sing the alteration of millenary. Merely as there was when the twelvemonth changed from 999 to 1000. Many people were anticipating something large to go on, like judgement twenty-four hours or the return of Christ. Just as people were anticipating something large to go on on New Year s 2000.

The Y2K bug came approximately when the people who built computing machines were programming them they didn Ts have a batch of memory to work with so to salvage infinite they shortened the day of the month.

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For illustration December 31, 1999 would be 123199 in the computing machine. Experts said that the job with this method is that computing machines can t distinguish 1900 from 2000. So when the day of the month changed from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 it was said that computing machines would acknowledge 2000 as 1900, therefore believing that some files were 100 old ages old. When the day of the month changed to 2000 many experts thought that computing machines would misfunction or close down wholly.

Some other jobs that were predicted to travel incorrect with the millenary bug were communication devices that fail, motor accountants for heat, chilling, and airing fail, scientific equipment fails, programmable devices such as VCRs, microwave ovens, and facsimile machines fail. It was besides thought that sellers upon whom we rely on to back up merchandises and services would be unable to make so. It was moreover feared that payroll checks would non be distributed.

Some people prepared for the millenary bug and took it really serio

usly while others thought the whole thing to be a fraud merely made up to make more occupations. On one peculiar web site ( www.novia.net/ todd/rap66.html ) a cat brings up some really interesting points. One point that truly caught my attending was that many computing machines were already utilizing the twelvemonth 2000 manner before 2000 got here. Some things that were utilizing the twelvemonth 2000 before it came were insurance policies, bonds, merchandise termination day of the months, budget spendings, fix agendas, driver licences, recognition cards and a host of planning plans.

Another point that says the millenary bug was made up is that many concerns changed financial old ages from 1999 to 2000 during 1999 and there wasn T any intelligence about any large computing machine meltdowns.

There was besides media talk about embedded micro chips in many contraptions neglecting. There are micro chips in merely about every electrical contraption and the thought of them neglecting would be awful, but that wouldn T happen since the huge bulk of embedded french friess have nil at all to make with clip and day of the months.

I found it odd that the lone major thing that happened worldwide that could hold been attributed to the Y2K bug was an uneven power outage in Russia. If the Y2K bug was supposed to be this immense job that a batch of states were non making anything about or didn t have the resources to repair in clip for the twelvemonth 2000. If that were the instance wouldn T at that place have been more jobs with the Y2K bug?

There is grounds to back up both sides of this statement. If the millenary bug was fabricated so it was a large success because it created tonss of occupations, was extremely publicized and it made tonss of money. Whether or non the Y2K bug was a fraud we may ne’er truly happen out.


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