Washington: The Indispensable Man Pl George Washington was born into the British lineage; he took on the principles of what America knows as independence. He became the leader of the Revolutionary Army. In due course he also became the first president of the United States of America. The author of “Washington: The Indispensable Man” discuses Washington’s love life, feelings, and his habits. The book also gives a great perspective on not just Washington the legendary president but also him as a man. Assuming, Washington was not born in to a wealthy life.

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Washington had to learn in the early stages of his life that hard work is the only way out of poverty. Unfortunately, Washington’s father died which put a barrier on his dream of attending school in England. Washington was an extraordinary man that set many precedents in the United States. The Author, James Thomas Fleeter, depicts Washington as a son, husband, and stepfather as well as the Revolutionary war hero. George Washington was born on February 11, 1732, in Pope’s Creek, Virginia. The Washington family moved to a farmhouse up the Potomac River where they resided.

The author of this book revolved around three themes that I think are accurate. The first one is love. Washington expresses love for his country and people. Although, the other love known as romantic love is shown through his spouses. Another theme that is shown in this book is duty. Washington always had the right mind set when it came time to get something done. His head was on straight with his priorities, even at a young age. The last theme we see in this book is ingenuity. Washington was sought out to be quite a clever man who was original and inventive.

He always solved problems no tater how hard they seemed. An example was when Washington crafted the plantings and farms at Mount Vernon. He also developed tools to make chores much more easier. Even challenges he faced would not overcome him. This book is a narrative book so it is delivered in a third person point of view.This book is abundant in settings native to the actions related to the American Revolution. The tone noticed in this book is structured and formal. The author paints a perfect picture of rural life of Washington’s youth all the way to him leading our country as Americas first resident.

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PA”Washington: The Indispensable Man” is a book that takes a look at American history from a different perspective. This book includes many important people in American history such as Marquis De Lafayette, Benedict Arnold, and Thomas Jefferson Just to name a few. Just those people alone had a huge impact on American History. The book also has many key events in US history. The book talks about the Continental Army. It elaborates on many trials they faced after the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Not only does it elaborate on the continental army but it also talks about the first war, the loss of Philadelphia and the Conway Cabal. There are to many important American History events that are mentioned in this book. Further more this literature piece is an American history book that views it behind George Washington. It depicts a perfect picture of how America evolved into what it is today. Washington set precedents; he sought out America’s traditions, huge impact on what America is founded upon today. He set neutrality in foreign affairs upon becoming President.

He took over treaty negotiations with a bold power. Washington also set the 2-term presidency, which is still in use today. Since he set this precedent, not a single president has run over two terms. He also established the cabinet within the executive branch by appointing Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State and Alexander Hamilton Secretary of Treasury. Washington often called the cabinet in to offer advice. The cabinet would advise him with problems and give him support through conflicts. PA This book has many aspects that can relate to other parts in American history.

A perfect example is the civil war and the revolutionary AR. The union and confederate states fought for state rights. Not to mention, they also sought out for there voice to be heard amongst the United States. While on the other hand the revolutionary war dealing with England and its colonies fought for their representation. This shows how independence is different in the fact that confederates were not successful while colonies were. They both fought in the name of Unity. The sparking of each war was similar. The revolutionary war was causes in party by taxes that angered colonists as well as freedom.

On a similar note, the Civil War was sparked through angered people from high tariffs. Both wars were a fight for freedom. The Revolutionary war was a fight for freedom from the British. The Civil War was the fight for freedom of slaves. Independence is a key in both of these wars. People in the Civil War fought because of the compact theory that was brought to them which was leaving the union. The colonists fighting in the Revolutionary War wanted to be independent from the British. In all, this book has all the history Washington has made throughout his entire life.

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