6 June 2017

Vegetable waste as a substrate for biomethanation One such alternative substrate for biomethanation Is vegetable market waste (Mandiwaste). At present, it’s collection, transportation and disposal is a problem for most citiesand towns where there are vegetable markets. If this waste could be digested in a biogasdigester, both biogas and fertilizer could be produced. In addition, the management of public health problem arising out of such waste could be dealt with effectively. Thereexlsts a significant potential for processing of such wastes as a new non conventionalenergy source.

Ct. ”page *Director, Jyotsna Arogya Prabodhan, Dehu Village, Tal- Havel’, Dist-Pune, Maharashtra) 412 109Secretary, Appa Patwardhan Safal W Paryawaran Tantraniketan, Dehu Village,Tal- Haveli, Dist-Pune, (Maharashtra) 412 109. Adviser, Sanitation and 310 energy, Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak NIdhl, Gandhi Bhavan,Kothrud , Pune ,(Maharashtra) 41 1 029. 1 4)Availabllity of vegetable waste All cities, districts and tehsils have vegetable markets which produce plenty of vegetable waste irrespective of the size of the market.

This waste may weigh anywhere between one to fifty tonnes.

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In large clues and towns It could be to the extent of a fewhundred tonnes. Thus, an enormous amount of such vegetable waste Is being produceddally. In India, there are about 400 districts with about 4000 towns and bazaar placeshaving large vegetable markets. The vegetable waste at all these places could total toaround fifty thousand tonnes. One tonne of vegetable waste yields around 80 Cu M of biogas per day. If a fewthousand biogas plants could be Installed. his waste could be a slgnlflcant source of biogas. It will therefore be 1 OF3 wortnwnlle to develop a tecnnology Tor tne use 0T tnlssuostrate, taKlng Into consideration its characteristics

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