Watch the Throne by Kanye West, Jay-Z

1 January 2020

When artists Jay-Z and Kanye west come out with a new song, it cannot be missed. An album together is going to be amazing is what I first thought. The album was Watch the Throne released August 8th, 2011, combining two of the best rappers of the 21st century. In this album the two rap stars created “No Church in the Wild”, “[Something] in Paris”, and “Gotta Have It” advertised as their best songs. On the day this was released I stayed up to hear samples of this album. At first, I only liked a couple songs but I listened to it over and over and it grew on me. Today, it is one of my favorite albums. In my opinion Kanye West and Jay-Z are top 5 rappers, so that makes this album better too.

The songs in this album are all good, with feature artists like Beyonce, Frank Ocean, and Mr. Hudson. In my opinion, “No Church in the Wild”, “Lift Off”, “[Something] in Paris, and “Why I Love You” are the best songs in the album. These songs have the best chorus’s and themes. In a song I really like a good chorus that embraces the importance of the song. Jay-Z and Kanye West are great in this album but they are not at their best. They both have had better songs in previous years. Even though they are not at their best this album contains consistency of well-made songs. Overall, the lyrics, and voices are good.

Watch the Throne by Kanye West, Jay-Z Essay Example

I have a couple criticisms of this album. Kanye West should stop using Auto-Tune, it makes him unoriginal. He is at his best when he uses his real voice. My other criticism is that Jay-Z should not use his high pitched voice. When he did that in his song it was very annoying. Besides these criticisms everything else was well done.

This album definitely should appeal to all Hip Hop/ Rap fans. If you like Jay-Z, Kanye West, or both, this is your album. This album was nominated for a Grammy but came up short to Kanye West other album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Any additional information on this album can be found anywhere on the wide world web. This album was fun and was great to listen too.

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