Watch the Throne by Kanye

9 September 2019

Watch the Throne

Music has taken a turn downhill in recent years. The main focus in the biggest music transition, has been maimed more so towards rap. Two of the hardest and most credible artists by the name of Kanye West and Jay Z have formed a collaboration to open the eyes of their audience, and take themselves past the charts. “Watch the Throne,” does not only take listeners into a different world of music, but takes them through the eyes of the artists for a brief moment.
Despite negative critical acclaim given to both artists in their past work, they have taken those negative statements a counter attack with an album that truly is a game changer. The album goes in depth of the lives and problems of each rapper and releases their take on life conflicts. The album takes a series of events that both rappers have experienced, and their verses seem as if they take a form of play. The language and tone used form-perfected transitions from voice to track. To top everything off, both artists throw in a mix of various beats to form the perfect ear channeled brain manipulation.

Watch the Throne by Kanye Essay Example

There is no doubt in my mind that Kanye West and Jay Z have surpassed outside expectations, and their own standards. A competing collaboration would need to be a masterpiece to be considered on the category “Watch the Thorne” has ripped out of. I highly recommend this album to those listeners who take music to further maturity, and that can recognize and respect good music when bestowed upon them.

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