Watching A Movie At Home

8 August 2016

Film, whether on screen or play has been dated as far back as the cavemen days. Humans have an inherent desire to be heard and see. An avenue to make this happen is through film and motion pictures. Motion film has been in theaters since the late 1800’s while home theater options started around the mid 1900’s. In the present 21st century there is an abundance of locations to choose from when selecting a film to watch. Although movie watching for many is a favorite pastime, there are comparisons and contrasts on whether it is more enjoyable at home or in the theater.

For instance, a larger viewing area makes some people feel like they are in the movie with the characters, whereas the atmosphere at home on a small screen can be less impressive. One may not have surround sound or satellite channels in high definition in his or her home. On the other side of the situation, the theater has a better surround sound and picture quality. At the theater he or she pays one price to see one movie and then goes home. Whereas at home individuals can record a movie on their Digital Video Recorder or other video capturing device, and watch it as many times as they wish without extra costs.

Watching A Movie At Home Essay Example

The theater features newly released films. This can be appealing to those looking to see the latest releases with a fresh entertainment options. This is a great idea, although newly released films cost between $8. 50 and $10. 50 per person. If refreshments are on the mind of those viewing the film, it could spike the bill up to $18. 00 or more dollars. Going to a theater can get expensive especially if a family or group of friends plan to attend. With money saving options being on the minds of many people these days, it would be a wiser choice to watch a movie from the comfort of his or her home rather than watching a movie at the theater.

Some may find it enjoyable to watch movies in a comfortable, familiar, and intimate setting of the home, while some might also prefer to see the movie on the big screen compared to a small screen. With both forms of media it allows the opportunity to spend time with family. If one chooses to share this time with his or her family, he or she could choose as a unit which movie to watch. This allows for family planning and time together. There is also a sizable amount of movie choices at home compared to the theater. The theater only has about ten choices, though at home there are a multitude of movies to choose from.

It is easy to see how there are various factors to consider when choosing where to watch a movie by examining the similarities and differences between Movie Theater viewing and home viewing. Watching a movie at home is far less expensive then what one would spend in a movie theater. Spending time with family or friends can be arranged at the theater or at home. Though one thing is for sure, it is much more comfortable, economical, and fun to watch a movie in the privacy of a home, making the experience far more enjoyable.

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