Watching movies at home vs theatre

8 August 2016

Topic: Compare or contrast of watching movies through rental videos or going out for movies at local theatres/cinemas. Thesis statement: Video rentals are more convenient than going to the theatre because you save money, feel more comfortable, and waste less time. First of all, when you rent a video to watch at home, you can save a lot of money. Video rentals usually cost around $3. 99, while a single ticket at the theater is $5. 00. Everybody can sit down and enjoy the movie at home for the same price, but at the theater everybody has to pay for their own ticket, including kids, who have to pay $3.50 each. Four people would end up paying approximately $17. 00 to watch a single movie. Once inside the theater, then you have to afford all the expensive snacks like pop-corn, nachos, and sodas which are usually priced twice as much as they cost outside. Just a bottle of water will cost you .

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00. Last but not least, you have to consider the expenses of gasoline, clothing, cosmetics, and other miscellaneous that are much needed for one single visit to your local theater! Secondly, watching movie at home allows viewers to feel more comfy and relaxing.

Firstly, Viewers who rent videotape can watch a movie by being multi-task. For instance, folding clothes, ironing, as well as cleaning the house. On contrary, watching a movie at the cinema forces audiences to be single-handed by allowing them to be focused on the movie alone. Secondly, at home viewers are free to watch the movie in varieties of style such as lying on the floor, sitting on a couch or many more. In cinema, the audience has to sit stiff and behave decently for at least two hours until the movie ends.

Sometimes, the seat at the cinema is small and it is not comfy for those who are in big sizes. Last but not least, watching movie at home allows viewers to talk as much as they want, laughing as loud as they want or they can answer and make phone calls as many as they want while the movie is being played. These acts are not being prohibited unlike watching movie in the cinema. Thus, watching movie by renting videotape gives more luxurious of feeling comfy to the viewers. Finally, when you renting a video you can watch your own favorite movie at home and on top of that it saving more time.

Imagine that your home is out from town. You need to go through all the traffic in order for you to reach the cinema. Stuck in traffic already losing more of your time compared to watching a video you rent. On the other hand, at cinema you need to wait for the queue turn. Long queue especially on weekend is only wasting your time where you might miss out certain plans you arrange. After waiting for a long queue once again you need to wait for a call to be seated and force your eyes to watch a bunch of advertisement play while waiting for the movie’s to start.

Be in someone’s timetable controls you. Differ than when you renting a video you just need to choose you favorite records and press ‘PLAY’ button at any time you want without need to rush in chasing the time schedule for your favorite movie at cinema. Avoiding from heavy traffic and going to the town can save the fuel and your time. You can either saving the time consume queuing in purchasing the tickets. At home you can simply enjoy and watch the movie with your friends and family without any constraints.

There is no advertisement issue in video rented. You can enjoy watching the original video without waiting. It is more easy and saving more time for someone to rent video and watch at home then going to cinema. Watching movies at home, definitely, has several advantages over going to the theater. This way you do not spend so much money, you can use your time more effectively, and you can enjoy the comfort of your house. There is nothing better than staying at home on a rainy day while enjoying a good movie on your TV screen.

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