Watching tv is bad for kids

6 June 2016

I strongly disagree with the statement that watching television is bad for the children. Watching news on the television, listening stories and some appropriate movies help them to improve their knowledge and skills not only related to our culture or nation but also other part of the world.

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Watching tv is bad for kids
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Admittedly, some offensive movies are might not good for children but in many nations they have fixed time means they showed such type of movies in late night. So such s things are not so effects children mind. Children are more attracted towards animated movies or to saw video stories as compare to reading or just listening from parents or teacher. Also their brain captures such thing more easily.

Secondly, the news channel like CNN, IBM etc are always shows latest news so it will help children to know not only about the particular nation but the whole world. Moreover, channel like national geography always shows current technologies, information about some particular field in details. Researchers are always share their experiences with us via channel. So children able to know details and hard work behind that

Finally, we all know many children are love to watch cartoon network. I noticed one thing; in cartoon network channel programs always help children to built their interest in studies. From programs, every day children teach new lesson about hardworking, courage, how to respect, how to control our anger etc. It will also help to increase children capturing power. Many children hate reading news or story book instead if we show them story or news via video or animation they always love to see that.

In conclusion, watching television helps children to build their skill and observing power. There are some TV channels which are not good for children but it will not so affects children mind because such programs are not televised during day time.

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