There is a lot of reason why, I will give you a few. Water was needed to feed the people farm life, water was important to keep one alive, and the most important, is water is used to grow plants and other material. How did ancient societies address the problems associated with harnessing these powerful resources? There were a lot of different ways to address the problems.

Some use rules, maps, there were disputes, fights, and agreements were made. Code of Hammurabi was use in 1750 B. C. E. , these are rules and consequence for the poor use of water. In 100 B. C. E. , there were princes fighting over a canal by the Yellow River, which could of ended in death, but both parties put their different a side, and the canal was made. Throughout the early years, people made contraptions to better help them with pull or gathering water.

There was the Shaduf, which was a long stick, on one end a rock was tied to it, and on the other there was a string with a bucket to pull water from the river. Saqiya, which is filled with gears, channel, and buckets which are all moved by a donkey, pulling water from a well. Square-pallet chain pump that was run by man, this pulled water on pallets as it push it way to the front. And then there was the Noria, which was a round wheel with buckets attach to it that would bring water around to the top of the wheel and would dump it onto a large wood plank.

Ancient societies did come up was some great ideas as time went on, and I believe that when they figured out how important water was they used every resource possible to gather water. How have historians assessed and addressed this issue? Historians use a variety of different sources exploring ancient irrigation and water supply system. As archaeological evidence shows us the actual remains of machine, ditches, and well that were made, we can see that historian assessed and addressed the issue very well to what they had to work with.

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