Water Pollution and Fishermen

An analysis of the causes of water pollution and its long and short term effects.

This paper examines the different causes of water pollution. The author finds that water pollution has not only a negative effect on fishermen’s life but also on everything that is related to it, such as species of fish and other sea life that are killed or are forced to move. Furthermore, fishing and other activities that take place along the seashores are affected. It is damaging all the jetties and sea life that live off the dockside and ruins fishing for fisherman.
Furthermore, due to the water pollution death fishes are poisoned and killed as a result that could be seen floating in the creeks. The fishermen thus, then complain wherever such a situation occur the fish population is forced into the Atlantic Ocean into deep water and are therefore depleted, which as a result takes six to eight months or may be more for them to restart normal fishing occupation.

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And so what is meant is that the fishermen and its family starve and cut off from their occupation for a longer period of time (Macdonald. 1998) .

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