Watergate Scandal

4 April 2015
Political & legal analysis of 1972 break-in, Senate hearings, major players, role of Nixon, public views and historical effects.

In the immediate wake of Watergate, political analysts and commentators were convinced that political life would never be the same. No president had ever resigned under threat of impeachment before. Surely, public trust would be irrevocably broached. Legal reforms were expected to shortcircuit future political scandal or at least make them easier to regulate.

Watergate Scandal Essay Example

In July, 1995, more than 20 years later, one of many hearings based on those reforms was in full swing. A special Senate Whitewater Committee was making modest headlines with efforts to connect the suicide of President Bill Clinton’s childhood friend and legal counsel, Vince Foster, with irregularities in the president and First Lady’s business dealings back in Arkansas. Vince Foster’s death was undoubtedly a..

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