Watergate vs. Whitewater

4 April 2015
This paper analyzes the similarities and differences of the American scandals of Watergate and Whitewater.

The following paper compares Watergate, a general term used to describe the complex web of political scandals between 1972 and 1974 in the United States to Whitewater, which involved personal and business dealings of the Clintons, their partners and their associates unrelated to the nation’s business. The writer focuses on the way in which Nixon and Clinton, respectively, shattered the trust of the people and degraded themselves in the eyes of their nation, in both these scandals.
For Nixon, what he did was something that not a single person would have tolerated. Even a common man wants the right of his privacy to be maintained. And so when the president tries to invade the privacy of senior officials, then that will not be tolerated at all. For what Nixon had in his very own mind, turned against him and the joke was on him. He thought of invading someone;s privacy to get an insight to whatever was happening around in the Oval Office. What turned out to be was the fact that people got to know what was going on in the Oval instead of the other way round. Nixon tried to take charge of everything thus betraying the trust of so many workers that were working for him and for the country.On the other hand, Clinton was pictured as a person who betrayed the government and the Local people by underpaying the taxes. The question is not what amount was involved but the question is that where all the people in a country are paying their taxes, then the government should also do the same. The government is not authorized to let go of something like this. In short, no one is excused from such an act. The government and the local public all are inclined to pay their taxes and they cannot be excused no matter what. The very thought that one is the president and the other is a common man does not give an upper hand to the president to not to pay his taxes.
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