Waterlily Handicrafts Website Essay Sample

7 July 2017


The advantage of this survey is that the mark users will easy see the merchandises and its monetary values and will hold plenty cognition to the concern and its operation. The mark market for H2O lily handcrafts would be predominately the local market of wealthier Filipinos. abroad Filipino workers. exiles and aliens. The local authorities unit of Paniqui plans to prosecute on providing H2O lily handcrafts for sweeping to a figure of domestic distributers and retail webs.

The purpose of H2O lily boxes. baskets. and pocketbooks will chiefly be environment witting consumers who do non utilize plastic bags or fictile containers. These consumers and other incognizant consumers will be targeted through direct selling and direct and indirect advertisement runs backed up by the local authorities unit of Paniqui. the Provincial Government of Tarlac. and the Department of Trade and Industry.

There are three chief market marks for the H2O lily handcrafts.

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The mark for the H2O lily manner points ( largely handbags. slippers. billfold. etc. ) will be established domestic handcraft jobbers and retail merchants in Luzon. Visayas and Mindanao. every bit good as exporters for the United States. Japan. and European markets. It is anticipated that domestic gross revenues to provide to the big touristry market all over the Philippine islands will do up the bulk of H2O lily manner itemsales.

The mark market for H2O lily handcrafts ( largely lampshade. cosmetic family merchandises. placemats. etc. ) will ab initio be the Filipino community populating abroad. This embodies a important market. as there are many Filipinos working around the world-over 860. 000 non adverting Filipino immigrants. so the overall possible market size is big. The chief possible rivals would be other communities all over the state who besides started this H2O lily weaving undertaking. as this is promoted by the Department of Trade and Industry to local authorities units with problem with the annoying H2O works. Another is handicrafts made of other autochthonal stuffs. Water lily merchandises could vie good on the footing of monetary value with other autochthonal stuffs as the natural stuffs are freely harvested.

The typical publicity about the H2O lily merchandises is that they are good crafted by manus using autochthonal stuffs and the designs are cosmetic stressing the Filipino heritage. Besides. the usage of the merchandise is really helpful to the environment as it substitutes the usage of plastic stuffs and at the same clip ceases the clogging of flow of H2O on rivers and brooks.

However. the merchandising monetary value of the handcraft is really sensible. The handcraft could besides be made to order. The job of the mark users was they want to hold an easy dealing to the Water lily Handicrafts. so we are developing a web site entitled Water lily Handicrafts Website for them to utilize and to hold a solution to their job about all their demands to cognize about the concern.

Undertaking Context

The H2O lily undertaking started as a support plan for the Paniqui adult females. out-of-school young persons. and senior citizens organized by the Local Government Unit of Paniqui. Management is directed by the Municipal Mayor with the aid of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. A broad scope of merchandises like places. sandals. slippers. bags. baskets. billfolds. pouches. belts. trays. placemats. boxes. tissue holders and many others can be crafted by Paniqui folks utilizing chaffs of dried H2O jacinths. The Program is in coordination with the Provincial Government of Tarlac which besides gives the needful promotional and advertisement run with the national bureau. the Department of Trade and Industry who assist the weavers for needful preparation and development.

It started from 12 homemakers to 25 adult females and young persons and so to 50 within a twelvemonth. Handcrafting finally became a constructive activity for people who were one time lingering outside their places playing cards and acquiring drunk the every twenty-four hours. Some weavers take their work at place with the whole household fall ining the devising of the H2O lily handcrafts. While others chooses to work at the Paniqui Livelihood Center were stuffs are readily available.

A family would gain approximately around three hundred pesos ( Php 300 ) weekly during slack season and about six hundred pesos ( Php 600 ) weekly during extremum season. Before it became a support plan last August 2008. the constructs for these H2O lilies are plagues to the community as it hampers the flow of H2O in rivers and brook during heavy rains doing implosion therapy in the country. It is projected that by the 4th twelvemonth of operation the entire income for the workers from handcrafting activities could increase approximately 3 times by the twelvemonth 2012.

Purpose and Description

The intent of the survey is to supply a web site to the community of Paniqui. Tarlac for the Waterlily Handicrafts for them to easy advance and publicize their merchandises.

The purpose of the survey focuses on the development of the proposed Waterlily Handicrafts Website.
Some of the aims are:

1. To assist the citizens of the municipality of Paniqui. Tarlac to advance their merchandises online. 2. To hold an easy minutess to their clients through the web site. 3. To salvage manpower when it comes to selling the merchandises through the handiness of the web site.

Scope and Restriction

The system is an on-line concern dealing of merchandises. It is chiefly indicated to the abodes of the state of Tarlac. It is a user friendly system that is capable in doing an easy dealing in order to supply good service to clients. The system is limited merely for concern dealing of the merchandises. The bringing services are within merely the country of Tarlac state. With respects to the buyers of different states. merchandises will be delivered by other national bringing services ( eg. . 2 spell ) . Further the system will merely accept payments on hard currency footing.

Chapter 2

Once considered a nuisance. the one time humble H2O lily is making ripplings in the agriculture word because of its assorted economic sciences possibilities. It is a free-floating perennial aquatic works indigen to tropical South America. With wide. midst. slick. ovate leaves. it may lift above the surface of the H2O every bit much as one metre in tallness. The foliages are 10-20 centimetres across. and float above the H2O surface. It has long. spongy and bulblike chaffs. The feathery. freely hanging roots are purplish-black. An vertical chaff supports a individual spike of 8-15 conspicuously attractive flowers. largely lavender to tap in colour with six petals.

Experts call it H2O jacinth but to most Filipinos it is known as “water lily. ” Water jacinth ( scientific name: Eichorniacrassipes ) is considered the most productive works on Earth as it yields more than 200 dozenss of dry affair per hectare per twelvemonth under normal conditions. On H2O incorporating high concentrations of sewerage. it yields up to 657 dozenss of dry affair per hectare. “The works is far more productive than the harvests that have been carefully cultivated by adult male under near-ideal conditions of fertilisation. irrigation. and pest control. ” wrote John Bunton in an article which appeared in Far Eastern Agriculture. Water jacinth was introduced into many parts of the universe. including the Philippines. as an cosmetic garden pool works due to its beauty.

But today. it is considered a plague as 10 workss could bring forth good over 650. 000 offspring within eight months. In Laguna de Bay. for case. H2O jacinth is considered a nuisance. “These workss now cover some 20 % of the lake’s surface country. ” said Edgardo Manda. general director of Laguna Lake Development Authority. He added that such proliferation threatens endurance of aquatic species there since these workss block sunlight’s incursion into the H2O. That is merely one of its ecological impacts. Water jacinth besides reduces biological diverseness. impacts native’ submersed workss. alters immersed works communities by forcing off and oppressing them. and besides alter carnal communities by barricading entree to the H2O and/or extinguishing workss the animate beings depend on for shelter and nesting.

In Lake Victoria. African fishermen have noted that. in countries where there is much H2O hyacinth infestation. the H2O is still and warm and the fish disappear. They besides complain that crocodiles and serpents have become more prevailing. The physical jobs brought approximately by H2O jacinths are now common cognition. Water hyacinth mats clog waterways. doing boating. fishing and about all other H2O activities impossible. Many big hydropower strategies are enduring from the effects of H2O jacinth. Presently. there are several popular control mechanisms for forestalling the spread of or eliminating H2O jacinth: biological. chemical and physical control. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Chemical control is the least favoured due to the unknown long-run effects on the environment and the communities with which it comes into contact. Physical control. utilizing mechanical mowers. dredgers or manual extraction methods. is used widely but is dearly-won and can non cover with really big infestations. It is non suited for big infestations and is by and large regarded as a short-run solution. Biological control is the most widely favored long- term control method. being comparatively easy to utilize. and arguably supplying the lone economic and sustainable control.

In some parts of the universe. researches have been done to do H2O jacinth into a profitable harvest alternatively of a serious plague. In Bangladesh. the Mennonite Central Committee has been experimenting with paper production from water-hyacinth for some old ages. They have established two undertakings that make paper from H2O jacinth stems. The H2O hyacinth fibre entirely does non do a peculiarly good paper but when the fibre is blended with waste paper or jute the consequence is reportedly good. Similar small-scale bungalow industry papermaking undertakings have been successful in a figure of states. including the Philippines. Indonesia. and India. Another application of H2O jacinth is the production of rope.

The fibre from the roots of the H2O jacinth works can be used to do rope. The chaff from the works is shredded lengthways to expose the fibres and so left to dry for several yearss. The rope devising procedure is similar to that of jute rope. The finished rope is treated with chemicals to forestall it from decomposing. In Bangladesh. the rope is used by a local furniture maker who winds the rope around a cane frame to bring forth an elegant finished merchandise. In China. it is common pattern to blend H2O jacinth in a hog slop incorporating a assortment of other vegetable waste affair. The mix is boiled for hours until it is reduced to a mash. Coconut repast. fish repast and Indian potato bar plus maize and rice bran. are frequently added to the mash.

Five per centum of H2O jacinth in the entire diet of hogs leads to significantly weight additions. But feed incorporating 30 % of more of jacinth can cut down weight addition by over 90 % . These trials show that H2O jacinth as a provender for animate beings must be used with great attention. Water jacinth is besides a good provender for fish. For case. the Chinese grass carp is a fast growth fish which eats aquatic workss. It grows at a enormous rate and reaches sizes of up to 32 kgs. It is an comestible fish with a tasty white meat. It will eat submerged or drifting workss and besides bank grasses. The fish can be used for weed control and will eat up to 1840 % of its ain organic structure weight in a individual twenty-four hours.

Other fish such as the Tilapia. Ag carp. and silver dollar fish are all aquatic and can be used to command aquatic weeds. Water jacinth has besides been used indirectly to feed fish. Dehydrated H2O jacinth has been added to the diet of channel catfish fingerlings to increase their growing. It has besides been noted that decay of H2O jacinth after chemical control releases foods which promote the growing of phytoplankton with subsequent additions in fish output. Another agricultural usage of H2O jacinth is by turning them into green manure or as compost.

As a green manure. it can be either ploughed into the land or used as mulch. The works is ideal for composting. After taking the works from the H2O it can be left to dry for a few yearss before being assorted with ash. dirt and some carnal manure. In Sri Lanka. H2O jacinth is assorted with organic municipal waste. ash and dirt. composted and sold to local husbandmans and market nurserymans. In Bangladesh. husbandmans have started bring forthing fertiliser made from H2O jacinth.


The Water Hyacinth Weaving Enterprise. which provides support to over 200 households. was set up by the Villar Foundation and is given a encouragement during the day-long “Water Lily” Festival in July. The H2O hyacinths bear lily-like flowers. which has moved locals to name it H2O lily. To unclutter the Las Pinas River of this aquatic plague. occupants harvest them and dry the chaffs. which become the natural stuff for bring forthing baskets. trays. slippers. and other functional and cosmetic points.

The Festival characteristics presentations on basket weaving. assortment shows participated in by home-grown endowments. trade carnival having merchandises made from H2O jacinths every bit good as other merchandises from the assorted barangay support undertakings. In the Philippines. H2O jacinth is dried and used to do baskets and entangling for domestic usage. The key to a good merchandise is to guarantee that the chaffs are decently dried before being used. If the chaffs still contain wet so this can do the merchandise to decompose rather rapidly. Water jacinth is besides used to bring forth similar goods for the tourer industry.

Traditional basket devising and weaving accomplishments are used. The undertaking is still really much at the thought phase and both a proficient and a socio-economic survey are planned to measure the chances for such a undertaking. Water jacinth can besides be used to help the procedure of H2O purification either for imbibing H2O or for liquid wastewater from sewerage systems. In a imbibing H2O intervention works. H2O jacinths have been used as portion of the pretreatment purification measure. In sewage systems. the root constructions of H2O jacinth ( and other aquatic workss ) provide a suited environment for aerophilic bacteriums to map. Aerobic bacteriums feed on foods and bring forth inorganic compounds which in bend provide nutrient for the workss.

Local Surveies

Water lilies are known to boom in organic structures of H2O. turning up to a tallness of 40 inches. While they besides provide utile beings to submerged life. they multiply instead rapidly and as such. geta waterways. block drainage systems. and cause inundations. But these annoying H2O lilies. one time seen as aquatic nuisances that would do the Prinza River in Las Pinas to overrun now have an alternate usage. Under the Livelihood Skills Program of the “Water Lily Weaving Project” of the Villar Foundation. H2O lilies are being made into handcrafts. launch support undertakings and used as an effectual tool to rehabilitate the really communities it they one time adversely affected. Once harvested. the workss are dried under the Sun and so cured in an oven.

Then they cut. and dead set around a wire frame and dyed before they are woven into trade articles. The finished points are tissue holders. baskets. shackles. and other merchandises. Each point is sold per piece and the sum of money one takes place depends on one’s diligence. Because end product is straight rewarded. workers are motivated to be more productive. Cynthia Villar highlighted the importance of H2O lily in bettering the lives of Las Pinas occupants by declaring the 27th of July as the twenty-four hours of the Water Lily Festival.

Chapter 5
The researcher’s recommend that:

a. The other towns of Tarlac may follow and utilize the proposed system in order for them to hold an organize merchandising of their merchandise. B. The state of Tarlac will hold a centralized web site to show different merchandises of the different towns of Tarlac and to inform the other provinces/ metropoliss in order for them to buy. c. Further researchers/ feasibleness surveies will be done to better the system to present a more efficient service to the buyers. d. Card minutess will be acceptable in buying the waterlily handcraft merchandises.

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