Forbidden love

11 November 2018

Stay a little longer, love.He takes her hand and kisses her palm, her eyes stare into his in admiration. You can see it in their eyes, their heart beats thumping out loud enough for only the two of them to hear.The night is young and the stars in the sky are shining bright.

They’re lying on the ground, away from the troubles of the world, away from their wrecked society, away from the eyes of judgemental people and flashing cameras.Her eyes have tears in them that are threatening to come out. She’s in vain and why wouldn’t there be tears? She fell in love with someone who could never be hers.His heart aches and there’s a heavy feeling in his chest. Today might be the last day they ever meet. Today is the day where they’re going to have to say goodbye to each other. Who knows when they’ll meet again?He still remembers the first time he saw her; he was sitting in a café, bored when he first saw her.

Forbidden love Essay Example

The moment she entered the café, he thought that she was beautiful and there was a feeling in his heart that told him that she was ‘The one’. It was that day, he decided that she was going to be his.They fell in love the instant they met but fate is cruel, in the wrecked society where they grew up with rules; they broke one. One that was created by their parents and stated that, an Alpha cannot fall in love with an Alpha.They grew up in a greedy society where people were classified by their wealth and given titles according to their position in the family or company. He was given the title “Alpha”. An Alpha is the highest rank and title in the business society.

It was a title given to the heir/heiress of extremely wealthy companies and business empires.He was born to be an Alpha. He wanted to be a good one just like his father. She was also born to be an Alpha, both of them born with great responsibility on their shoulders. They both carried the fate of their respective companies that their forefathers had made.They shared the same dreams, hopes and heart but their parents would never agree to let them get married. Their love for each other was true and pure but no matter how much they love each other, they could never go against their parents.

Flashback.His parents are standing in front of him, disappointment visible on their faces. His father’s voice is stern as he speaks.’She’s a future Alpha, Isaac! Do you even know what you are saying?”Father… but I love her. You said that asked mother to marry you because you knew that she was the woman made for you and you were also 23 years old… That’s how I feel about Rose… I love her and I want to marry her.”You mother was not a future Alpha! You know that if you marry that girl you are putting our prestigious business empire in danger. Have you even thought of the consequences of your decisions? If the two of you are to get married what will happen to the empire and the companies? Both of you have duties and a responsibility, being an Alpha is not a child’s play!”Even if mother was an Alpha, would you have not still loved her? Rose and I could combine our business empires.

It would benefit both parties and everyone would be happy.’His mother looks at his father and she holds his hand. They share a look and then he looks back at Isaac.’Isaac, you have always been my pride and joy but today you have disappointed me. The decision is yours. If your mother was an Alpha I’m telling you what my father would have said to me. Do what you want to but remember that if you choose that girl, I will take away your title.

You will no longer be an Alpha and you will no longer be my son.’End of flashback.Rose and Isaac are lying on the ground facing each other, memorising each other’s face. Their fingers are intertwined. He doesn’t want to leave her and neither does she want to leave him.Their voices are low, whisper like as they speak.’Rose, I love you with all of my heart.

”And I love you, Isaac.”But I’m the future Alpha…”So am I.”That’s why I can’t be with you…”Nor can I be with you.”They’ll never let us get married because of our status.”I know…”I can’t go against my family. They have done so much for me… I can’t shatter their dream.”I can’t go against mine either.

”I love you but I have to say goodbye for now… until we both figure a way out, where everyone can be happy and no one gets hurt.”Hmm…”Will you wait for me?”I promise that I will…’He gets up and so does she, her hands still in his. A few tears fall down her face and his chest tightens. He wipes her tears away and kisses her cheek. He then gently grabs her face with both his hands.’Don’t cry dear…”Won’t you stay a little longer, love?”You know I can’t… The longer I stay the more it hurts, the harder it is to let go of you…’He puts his forehead against her.’Rose, we are in this together, Okay? I have promised to stay by your side, for the good and the bad and through all the hardships… just two more years, until we both graduate from college and become official Alphas…”You are the best thing that has ever happened to me… please don’t break my heart Isaac… I’ll always wait for you…’He nods at her words.

She doesn’t know how hard it is for him to let go of her… he loves her so much. There are tears in his eyes but he won’t show them. Even if this doesn’t work out he knows that she’ll always be someone who holds a special place in his heart. He knows that she will always be his first love… his only love.”A cold breeze blows, a whisper is heard, a secret kept, a promise is made, their love is forbidden, something that they don’t regret. A final kiss is shared… for they know their love won’t be spared…She doesn’t know and he doesn’t care about the hardships of this love affair.Their bond so strong, unbreakable…But the world is cruel.

It always separates the inseparable.”

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