Way of Life

10 October 2016

Project activities: Phase one of Project Champion was completed in late 2008, examining two key hypotheses. The first was that the project should take a global approach – a theory which was validated by desk research, expert interviews and literature reviews. The second hypothesis was that children could play a key role in influencing adult behaviour at home. We carried out a proof of principle study in rural Uganda to test this, with encouraging results. Within the public health sector children are often seen as agents of change, but this was the first study that actually measured the impact children have on health at home. Programme activity:

In Safe Hands was designed by Unilever’s Marketing Academy and the Lifebuoy brand team, and has been implemented successfully in Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Indonesia. Through the programme, senior decision makers and policy formers are educated on the role and value of marketing in achieving behaviour change, including taking part in live consumer immersion exercises to see how effective marketing activations can really make an impact on communities. Upon completion of the training, Unilever teams support public sector organisations to develop real-life handwashing campaign communications. 2 Capacity building and partnerships Continued The Lifebuoy brand has a social mission that has been deeply embedded in the brand ever since it was launched in Indonesia.

Through the brand’s involvement in the public-private partnership activities and by sharing our marketing expertise, Unilever gets excellent opportunities to enhance the Lifebuoy brand’s social impact for positive behaviour change in the country. Going forward, we are committed to continue doing this, and widen further the impact towards more and more Indonesian families”. Our achievements to date and next steps: Findings from Phase one of Project Champion support the case for a global approach to encourage the habit of handwashing with soap in poor communities in developing countries.

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