We Are Marshall

6 June 2017

Have ever wondered how a college football team could change after their team lost friends and family in a plane crash? The movie “We Are Marshall” claims to be a t rue story and Is about the 1970 1971 Marshall university football team suffering a plane crash on the way back from a road game. I think “We Are Marshall” should be considered nonfiction because a lot of the events that happened In the movie actually happened in real life. The Marshall University football team was in a plane crash on November 14, 1970 owing back from a game at East Carolina.

The crash killed 75 people Including 37 members of the football team (Anderson). This fact is true. One of the events that happened in the movie that did not happen during the actual crash was the Marshall University President saw the football team’s play book on the plane, after the crash. In reality a local firefighter saw it (Gensler). Another event that happened in both the m Ovie and reality was, the fountain In the middle of the campus, Is turned off for a whole ma y on the anniversary of the plane crash to remember the plane crash victims.

We Are Marshall Essay Example

Another event that compares to the movie, is the team. The team went 28 during the 1971 season In both the movie and reality. Also there were apparently 50 or freshmen that were allowed to play to make up for the roster spots if they were to ha football team that year. This actually did happen in real life but the NCAA almost did net let them because the school had over 140 sanctions or violations within their athletic pro gram. They had recruited illegally, and as a result the NCAA took away some scholarships. (Anderson).

Also the board meeting that was held in the movie to decide whether the should continue the football program did not actually happen. The crowd of Marshal university students, faculty, and fans outside of the building where the meeting was held did not exist Oohnston). The chant “We Are… Marshall” actually didn’t begin until after the 1971 season but the producers felt Like it was a good fit for the movie (Gensler). One of the minor changes in the movie was the last play of the Xavier game. The movie showed the last play of the game was a crossing route for the 15 yard touch do

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