We Are Responsible for Who We Become

1 January 2017

Rather we should blame their circumstances for who they become. Our circumstances are not all that make us who we are or who we will become, but it is also the people that we interact with that have a major influence. From early ages, we interact with our parents or guardians. It is from them that we learn our morals and values. Children tend to emulate their parents or parental figures in their lives. If children are raised with good morals and values then they are most likely to become adults with good morals and values.

Summarily if bad morals and values are taught then the child could learn this as well. For example, if a child sees a violent parent then this child is most likely to become violent as well. As children grow, they are most likely to interact with other people and make friends. Friends also contribute greatly to who we become. This is especially evident amongst teenagers who greatly concern themselves with fitting in and as a result, they would easily lose their identity and adopt a new one to fit in amongst peers. With time, the teenager becomes a completely new person.

While parents or guardians have an influence from an early age, society has the greatest influence. The rules of modern society dictate how people should act and behave. People have to change how they behave, how they act, their beliefs and attitudes in order to be a part of society. This changes who they are and eventually the individual becomes someone else. Evidence of this can be found when a person migrates to another country. In the new country, this person desires to fit in, therefore, he or she develops an accent.

Furthermore, society is rife with stereotypes and people feel obligated to conform to these stereotypes. For example, in the past society’s attitude was that only women belong in the kitchen. Many stereotypes were also broadcasted via the media. Many television programmes and commercials influence people especially children. For example, children see public figures and characters in television programmes and attempt to be more like them thereby losing their idiosyncrasies and developing ones that their favourite character or public figure has.

People constantly lose old habits and gain new ones. In most cases, we cannot be held liable for the person we become as we have very little control over this. It is many external factors that collectively make us who we are and who we will eventually be. We are constantly evolving. The person we will become in twenty years time would be a completely different person compared to who we are now and we are not responsible for this.

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