“We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to think” by Kie Ho: Article Review

1 January 2018

School education is where people can get the knowledge from; however, to find the true method to transmit the detail to students is difficult.

Should we give kids freedom to think in their study? Or should we focus on the teach knowledge of their learning? In the article, “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to think”, the author Kie Ho compares the education in India and America. He demonstrates that school should teach students how to improve their critical thinking skills rather than try to make them memories the knowledge into their brains. Ho beliefs that American education’s quality is better than other countries (p 113). On the other hand, in Hirsch article, “Teach Knowledge, Not “Mental Skills”’, he argued that school should teach students more knowledge rather than mental skills. Solve problems are the essential skills, but their relevant knowledge depends on the wealth (p 116). Both articles are about education, but authors have a different opinion on their viewpoints. I agree with Hirsch that school should let students know more knowledge to support their problem-solving skills because students will lost interested in their learning if schools focus more on the mental skills.

“We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to think” by Kie Ho: Article Review Essay Example

The three parts to analyze on both articles in this essay are claims of the author mention, data or evidences use to support the argument, and warrants in both piece.The first parts to analyze are claims of the author want to present in the article. The main claim in Ho’s article is he wants people should let their kids develop their critical and freedom to think by themselves rather than forces them to study by the standard rules. This point can make audiences definitely agree with Ho because the essential part of education is giving the student freedom to think. He also argues that the education system in American is better than other countries. The author restricts his ideas because he claiming that the only country recognizes the freedom to think in education is America, which create a problematic aspect in his article.

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