we sing, we dance, we steal things by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is an extraordinary music genius. He has his fans moving and dancing to the rhythms of reggae, hip hop, pop, rock and folk. He also has the coffeehouse vibe. His vision of sound makes songs that are sure to inspire, to make you dance, to ignite and to raise a smile. He writes lyrics that show how satirical and humorous of a person he is. Then you have this one part of him that is deeper and thoughtful that is expressed in his songs such as; “A beautiful Mess”. His album, we sing, we dance, we steal things, has brought this sunny, playful, electrifying grooves that merged into a piece of art.

To me he is just an incredible singer and songwriter. I enjoy his music a lot because he has positivity toward life, he is multitalented, and that personal connection he makes to translate his music to the fans that throws back brilliance of a person he is. His passion for music makes a true artist.

His music creates a world for me to be myself, to be free, to chase my dreams, and to live life to the fullest and to also have fun. One of my favorite songs is “I’m yours”, I like the melody and catchy phrases he uses to describe love.

People can relate to Jason’s songs. In his lyrics it can be about a divorce, love and happiness. He is an artist to follow and to listen to. It is worth buying any of his albums and it’s sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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