We the Kings – We the Kings

9 September 2019

We the Kings, a power-pop alternative band from Bradenton, Florida, created a name for themselves and a spot on the Billboard charts after releasing their self-titled album, “We the Kings.”

The album contains a wide variety of songs, from the slow ballad “This Is Our Town” to the catchy, high-energy “Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run).” The astounding vocals by lead singer Travis Clark and instrumentals by Danny Duncan (drums) and brothers Hunter and Drew Thomsen (guitar and bass, respectively) are sure to please.

Lyrics from all the songs are extremely powerful, and listeners will be hooked with the introductory beats of the first track. The mix of instrumentals and vocals is perfect and could only be executed by an incredibly talented group of performers like We the Kings.

One example of We the Kings’ mastery is “Skyway ­Avenue.” The song begins by greeting listeners with twangy acoustic guitar chords and then bursts into electric pop background music. This is immediately softened by magnificent vocals. The song balances a fast-paced beat with meaningful and heartfelt lyrics.

The entire album is extremely well-produced and well-sung. The perfect harmony that We the Kings creates represents the work of a remarkable band. “We the Kings” is one album that’s worth your time.

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