We Walk

1 January 2019

“My parents are fighting again…” spoken off trembling lips as I drift along the uneven pavement.

“Every struggle in your life shapes you into YOU,” Natalie reassures me, “Be thankful for the tough times as they build character and only make you stronger.”

I ponder what this means each time she says it. The words seemed to calm the congested pools of my mind. It’s true. I am my experiences. From them: strong-willed, diplomatic, protective and gentle.

When anything becomes difficult to handle alone, it is easy to find a safe haven in the gentle arms of a close spirited friend.

Natalie is my vessel, my tether to earth. Her short gray to white ombre hair is styled to perfection. Priceless smiles, ripped black jeans and classic leather jacket, and statements of identity define her approachable personality. Her aura breeds comfort. Through our talks until 2am, knowing that we probably should have been asleep by now.

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Through the way I can let my emotions flow freely, unrestrained like a crazed tiger. I cry. I yell. I curse the world. As a human being, constantly feeding on the reassurance of others, confessing my stressful issues and thoughts to one person who will listen is essential to my mental survival in the wild. When it comes to a point where I need a dose of sanity from the pool of salvation that Natalie provides…

We walk.

My parents have been divorced for over a decade now. I wouldn’t have expected the amount of pain that strikes me down every time they fight… It affects me in ways other things don’t. It’s a strange feeling , the pain. Like a stranger in the house, it continues to haunt my every step.

I have found myself in a position where I just don’t care anymore. I’ve become numb.

Is it worth investing my emotional health into something that won’t change? Because if it hasn’t changed in over a decade, it won’t anytime soon. As people struggle, I do as well and this is one struggle of mine; I can find peace in knowing that I can come out stronger.

It is tradition, to walk in times like these. Findley Elementary School is only a couple blocks from Natalie’s house. The enjoyment of tender autumn rain andgoosebumps up our arms from the chilly fog on Saturday mornings calms us. For hours we drift along the pavement.

I love her. These special times with Natalie are the exemplary foundations for our relationship. Fate put us on this winding path in opposite directions, only to find that our paths have intersected and are forever intertwined. To guide each other. To support each other. To love each other.

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