We Will Not Be Shaken

8 August 2019

The writing titled “We Will Not Be Shaken,” written by Natalie A., talks about Christian Music. Her writing left me feeling refreshed and content. Natalie A. perfectly describes “We Will Not Be Shaken” by Bethel Music in this article. I can relate a lot to this article. I have listened to so many songs mentioned and I love how Natalie provided lyrics from some of the songs. For example, I found it very helpful when Natalie explains some of the lyrics to “Reckless Love” by saying, “The song references the parable of the lost sheep, where a shepherd leaves his herd of 99 sheep in order to find the one sheep that is lost.” As I read the lyrics she provided, it was as if I could hear Cory Asbury singing them himself. I also love how Natalie says, “At the end of the race we will be embraced by all of God’s love.” I feel that’s a beautiful message everyone should be aware of.

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