Wealth and Greed in Society

4 April 2015
An argument that the desire for personal wealth can contribute to the destruction of our culture.

This paper presents the argument that the desire for wealth can distract us from the truly important things in life. The paper looks at those who promote values other than wealth and discusses the danger of material greed. The paper argues that the race for wealth promotes a dog eat dog attitude that can destroy friendships, families and business relationships. According to this paper, if we ever become a society in which the search for wealth becomes the most important thing to us, people would stop helping others, we would stop applauding effort and those who have other qualities such as compassion and kindness would be left in the dust.
“We live in America, which is known as the land of opportunity. We have seen poverty stricken people strike it rich and we have watched the wealthy lose it all. Each person and each family in this nation has the same opportunities to succeed. Material wealth seems to be the driving force behind our system of capitalism. Material wealth is something that we can measure in tangible yardsticks therefore we tend to value it. The true value of a society however cannot be found in striving for wealth. The search for wealth or the fear of not having it can lead to the destruction of the culture that we live in.
“We go to work each day and we come home and when we get paid we buy things. This is the American way. It is something that has attracted millions of immigrants to the United States and it is the dream many risk their lives to get here and share. But is it really about material gain? Is the wealth what is going to keep this culture going when all is said and done or is the drive to attain material wealth going to eat this culture like a cancer from the inside out. Wealth is not the root of all evil but the desire for wealth can distract us from the truly important things in life.”
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