Web Pages About Mental Health

4 April 2015
This paper reviews two worthwhile web pages on the subject of mental health.

The paper evaluates the CANMAT website and “Dr. Ivan’s Depression Central as resources for mental health. With respect to CANMAT, the paper looks at the composition of this network of health professionals and the presentation of their website. The website’s strong and weak points are listed. Dr. Ivan’s Depression Central` is reviewed in a much briefer manner and the paper concludes with a comparison between the two.
`There are a plethora of web pages devoted to mental health in general and mood disorders in specific. CANMAT and Dr. Ivan’s Depression Central are two worth investigating. The Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT) is an organization of Canadian mental health professionals who specialize in mood and anxiety disorders. CANMAT runs an educational and informative website, http://www.canmat.org. While not the most navigable site on the Web, http://www.canmat.org/ is a non-commercial, reliable source of information about depression and anxiety. While the Where to Find Help section is aimed at Canadian residents, the information on mood and anxiety disorders contained in the site is universal.”
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