Web Site Research for History

4 April 2015
A discussion on the importance of researching the web for references and information about various topics.

The following paper examines the importance of web research to instructors, students, writers and researchers. The way in which there are no time barriers as the material can be accessed at any time day or night, is discussed with reference to those who do their research in between the other elements of their lives, jobs, and families. The writer asserts that the web is a wonderful tool for the discerning researcher and used along with reference books can provide accurate and objective historical information.
“If a site is user friendly, then it is most useful. Sites that are heavy with graphics and take a relatively long time to load are not as useful. Depending on the amount of memory and the isp a person uses, the graphics may take too long. This can lead to a frozen computer screen or an error message. It is also important for web sites to be heavy in verifiable content with citations. In this way, additional study can be done. A list of other resources on the web is also useful to enlarge the information and to verify the material. Some sites include contact information and list a date it was revised. Others have no follow up information and no dates.”
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