Website Comparison

4 April 2015
An examination of two websites for effectiveness and content.

Two websites– and are compared as to their very different intentions. The first is a non-profit organization providing information for skydivers. The other is a commercial site run by a credit company. This paper explores the different methods used by each site to provide information to their users, the effectiveness of each of their strategies and how they may be improved.
“There is a major difference from both sites due to the goal of being non-profit and for-profit. It can be indicated from the presence of advertisements and the conversational tones. Both sides are very informative in their own way and seem to attempt to be one-stop solution for the readers.

“USPA provides information inside the site like the news, learn to skydive with the manuals, weather information, safety, the important frequently asked questions forum, clickable and interactive map that connects to local skydiving schools that enables readers to find quick access to the education and still linked nationally.

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It also provides links to other resources, the partnering sites, like the government, online store, competitions and Parachutist Magazine. ”

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