Week 1 Individual assignment

8 August 2016

This individual assignment paper will be discussing briefly about Human resource management, the responsibilities and what are the primary functions of Human resource management. Lastly, this individual assignment paper will discuss about the different roles of what human resources management does in an organization’s strategic plan.

Human Resources Management According to”The Princeton Review”(2013), “Human resources management are the ones who deals with decisions with personnel, which includes hiring a prospected applicant, the training of new hires, providing the new hires with information pertaining to long term benefits, and assisting the new hires in completing their benefits package, and Compensation of the employees in case the employees get injured on the job.

Week 1 Individual assignment Essay Example

” Human Resources Management are also Mediators between the discrepancies of co workers, supervisors, and managers, for example, If an employee while on the job, is being sexually harassed or verbally abusive by her boss, The Human resources Management are the ones who will put a stop to it by investigating both sides of the story, The Human resources management are the ones who will do their own investigation by asking all the other co workers to get their side of the story, all of the co workers are not allowed to discuss the investigation no where near

the Job site, The Human resources management are the final decision makers once the investigation has been determined to what really happened. The Human Resources Management also has the authority to terminate an employee or a supervisor based on the Human Resources determined investigation and the decision which would be in the best interest of the company. (“The Princeton Review”,2013). ? HUMAN RECOURCES MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW 3

The primary function of human resource management According to”The Princeton Review”(2013), The primary functions of human resources are “to ensure the oversight and appropriate matches made between the producers and support staff, between managers and the managerial assistants and between co workers and subordinates. ” Human resources are the ones who ensure all laws of the company and organization are adhered to, The Human resources departments functions ensures that each employee is in compliance with the regulations which affects the employees at the worksite, health issues, and safety issues.

Human resources functions on a multiple of task, while achieving stead fast organizational skills. Human resources managements functions are having interpersonal skills, These skills are a very viable skill to have, for example, a co workers immediate family passes away, and the co worker cannot cope with their family members death, so the Human resources manager sits down and talks with the co worker which has lost his loved one and offers different programs for that co worker to better deal with him losing someone so close, The human resource manager also refers co workers with alcohol addiction and Marital problems.

The human resources manager also talks with all different agencies such as hospitals, marriage counselors, medical insurance companies and Dental insurance companies to name a few. Human resources managers function as the last line of defense when It comes to aiding and assisting co workers and managers. Human resources managers also act as referees between two co worker individuals who do not agree on issues within the company or organization.

Human resources managers functions work another duty as well, their functions are also to reprimand co workers who do not follow the companies guidelines. For example, a co worker has been reported of stealing company property and has been called in to see the Human resources Manager. Based on the Human resources managers investigation, the co worker was stealing company property and was terminated HUMAN RECOURCES MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW 4

The role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan The Mayhew(2013) website states that the “Role of human resource management strategic plan in an organization is to maintain strength between the supervisor and subordinate relationship. ” Human resources managers form a strategic workforce plan and determines function processes in an attempt to provide the best interest for the organization’s goals.

The strategic planning of human resource management has to know and familiarize themselves on all human resource sets of procedures of conventional expectations and principles which are considered binding on all employees who are members of a company or organization. For example, a legal binding contract is signed by all new hired employees, stealing will result in automatic termination, and is subject to Jail time, if any employee are caught using unprescribed drugs will face termination.

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