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12 December 2017

In this paper, we will go over the accelerates and differences as to clarify this knowledge. The research will delve into every bit of information that is obtained and used towards allowing us to better understand. It is important to understand just how many law enforcement agencies exist within our country.

“There are more than 17,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the united States, ranging In size from one officer to more than 30,000” (Types of Law Enforcement Agencies, 2008).Starting from the bottom, we begin with the local aspect. Local police are designated to focus more on their city and communities within it. These policing agencies are rated by those cities within the government as a means of creating a more peaceful and balanced way of life in their area. Local police include everyone from municipal to regional officers that are bestowed with the duty of upholding the law within their hometowns and to uphold the moral and professional code that has been Instilled In them upon being employed by the city.Leadership within the policing field is not really something that is focused too much upon until recruits enforcement. Coming into the field, one is simply taught to focus more on keeping he peace and learning how to keep composure when it comes to dealing with all levels of crime.

Week Individual Assignment Essay Example

Being able to know how to handle one’s self during those critical times yields a more positive outlook on how well they can do their Jobs. Is it at that point, much later on down the road that leadership comes to play an important role.That level of leadership comes from that one individual who has served their time out in the field, serving and protecting those they have sworn an oath to. That individual, the chief of police, oversees the duties of his men and the chain of command. If anything should take place that would cause the department to come under fire, the chief takes the weight and handles it all. They will go to bat for their men to ensure that all of the procedures and proper steps are taken to handle any and all questions, as well as all criticism that should be thrown their way because of that officer’s, or officers’, actions.The Federal level of policing takes a step up on local policing, dealing with a much higher level of crime and doling out Justice.

In 2004 alone, the greatest amount Federal employees consisted of United States Customs, Border enforcement, the Federal prisons, and the F. B. I. These individuals alone amounted to well over ten thousand officers. Taking a deeper look at the level in which these individuals do their Job, “the principle functions of prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension of alleged offenders” (Federal Law Enforcement, 2015) .Federal agencies work hand in hand with the government itself to take on the biggest cases and are also called into work with local police if an investigation happens to be a bit much more for them and need bigger and better sources. The leadership basically runs the same way within the Federal front.

However, it is safe to say that at that level of policing, those who are involved with the agencies receive a must more strict discipline. Suspension without pay or possibly termination could take place depending on the situation and how bad it is.Out in the field, the leadership skills of that individual who is in charge are very high up on the chain and everything must be on point when it comes to handling every single detail revolving around the apprehension and detaining of those who remain a wreath not Just to our country but to our cities as well. The State level of policing works with local police, as well, in investigations and other types of duties that extend beyond the resources that the local police departments have.The one thing to keep in mind is that there are some States who only contain a state highway patrol with their investigative team existing only as a separate unit. For instance, the Delaware State Police Department actually acts as” a full-service police agency’ (The Leadership in Police Organizations Program in the Delaware State Police: Recommendations for Law Enforcement Leadership Development, 2009). Other states will Just rely on having their troopers stationed at different points all over and focus mainly on traffic issues (speeders, accidents, etc).

The similarities are seen throughout the three levels of policing being that all three handle all levels of crime and threats. Organizational skills are most definitely a must when employed in the law enforcement field. Everything from being out in the field to collect evidence connects all law agencies and having this information available when it comes to being present in the courtroom. It does not matter at what level you are; all organizational skills remain the same. They are a part of what makes these individuals one step ahead of those who choose to lead a life of crime.The differences that exist between the levels of policing really Just are about where each one stands when it comes to handling crime along with serving and protecting. Where local police are more about going out into the communities and building relationships with those who reside there, State and Federal authorities are more involved with ensuring the safety of those exact individuals.

Local police are about asking sure that of course their city is safe but it also about knowing that they have the support of those they took an oath for.Local and Federal are actually more involved on the crime front whereas State boys are Just seen as patrolmen and women. Federal agencies are also involved in more aspects such as Firearms and Tobacco and knowing that ins and outs of crime syndicates. In some ways, it seems that even those these three see Just about every type of crime that exists within everyday life, the Federal aspect is more of a round the clock obligation to take on the biggest levels of crime and criminal activity. The operational functions are Just about the same, as well.These individuals come into contact with everyday situations that to them are never-ending. Operations that take place in and out of the department are very detrimental to the way a Job is done.

When it comes to confronting someone who poses a threat not only to those around them but themselves as well, there are procedures that are to be followed in order to keep the situation under control and anyone from getting hurt. It is best to be verbal with them and try to coax them into understanding what is more important than succumbing to actions that could yield dangerous consequences.All levels of policing are put through extensive training to better understand how to go about dealing with these types of circumstances. In closing, it is important to understand how each level of policing differs and what about them is similar in certain ways. No matter what the research gives us, it is very much agreed that no matter what sets these levels of policing apart from one another, their sole mission is to focus on keeping our country, states, and cities safe from any type of harm that may be brought upon us.

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