Week Individual

1 January 2018

This Is a short summary paper to define the mall roles of Innovation, design, and creativity while Incorporating their Importance for a firm to meet their organizational objectives. Innovation The Business Dictionary defines innovation as “The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay” (Business Dictionary Online, 2013). Inning this definition it is easy to infer that innovation is the stepping stone for a company to create new goods/services that are efficient and profit-producing.

It is essential that a company incorporate innovation into their designs, as the world is a competitive market and innovative organizations stay in the lead. In most circumstances, the organizations objective includes being a profitable company and a leader In the products they product, this makes Innovation an Important part of the organizational objectives.Design using The Business Dictionary again design is defined as “Realization of a concept or idea into a configuration or specification… And which helps achieve the item’s designated objective(s). ” Design is putting into perspective how a concept is working and how it can work better.

Week Individual Essay Example

Design is the beginning of a product and lasts throughout the lifeline of the product. It could be said that design comes after innovation as innovation is the process of transferring an idea into a product that can e sold, and design is keeping that idea alive and working.Design is important to organizational objectives as it a process of experimenting and creating new solutions to any existing or predicted issues. This could save the company money in the future or create a bigger profit In the present. Creativity Creatively could be the beginning part of the three concepts, first comes creatively then comes Innovation and ending with the design.One could argue that Innovation s the starting point for creativity and the fuel for design, never-the-less creativity is is defined by Steam (2008) as the “essential building block for innovation” (p. 1 Chi.

1 Para 3). Creativity ties into organizational objectives as the glue of keeping a product together and leading to its completion. If there were no creativity there would be no innovation, and therefore there would be no design. If that were the scenario, there would be no product to for the company to sale and there would be no profits to be made.

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