Imagine that you are starting your own company. What will be the ethical code of your company? Write a 200- to 300-word ethical code of conduct listing the rules and principles that your company will use in decision-making. Provide a brief explanation of why you selected each rule and principle. Code of Ethics Intent To promote true and honest business in an ethical and lawful manner. Principles Safety- All members will conduct business in a safe environment.

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This will include safety products to be worn, to perform all tasks in a safe manner. Integrity- All employees shall up hold honesty with the company and its customers at all times. Failure to do so will result in permanent expulsion. Team Work- All members of the company will be encouraged to work together. Encouraging this will resulting in maximum efficiency. Excellence- Additional schooling and learning will be needed to improve the company. In doing so will result in proper rewards, and acknowledgment. Fair Deals- The company and its employees will deal fair with all customers, suppliers, and competitors at all times.

Untruthful representation of any product or miss leading any person will not be permitted. Drug Screenings- All employees and company members will be subject to pre-employment drug testing. This will require random drug screenings throughout the year. Compliance with all laws and regulations •Labor Laws •State Laws •Federal Laws •Employee health and regulation laws Punishment of Violation All members in violation of the code of ethics within this company could be subject to termination. After violation a further investigation will be withheld, and fair punishment will be determined and justified.

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