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10 October 2019

Weezer is at it again with their latest, a self-titled album, also referred to as theGreen Album. The punk rockers are back to the old tricks that sent them to thetop in the mid-?s, with those catchy pop-fables from their first record(“Buddy Holly” and the “Sweater Song”). On their sophomorealbum, “Pinkerton,” they turned away from the style that was sosuccessful on “Undone.” With “Weezer,” they have refreshedthe punk-rock pop they are known for.

Lead vocalist and guitarist RiversCuomo says in a recent interview in Strength Skateboard Culture magazine that hehas gone back to the simple approach of song writing and writes a new one everyday for his band to jam to. The band consists of Patrick Wilson on drums, andBrian Bell on guitar and vocals and Scott Shriner on bass.

The latesteffort is well-rounded with “Hash Pipe” and “Glorious Day.””Hash Pipe,” the first single off the album, caught me off guard withits edgy, rhythmic guitar riffs. The more I listened, the more I liked it.

Although the album has only ten songs, I still think it is perfect. In myopinion, it does not matter how long it is, the songs flow together, providingthe listener with that rhythmic punky pop sound that is the Weezer trademark.

I give Weezer’s self-titled album a five out of five stars. Weezer givesthe kids what they want on this latest effort. Sometimes a first impression is alasting one, and that is the case for Weezer.

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