Weight Obsession

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the obsession that some women have about their weight and how society contributes to this obsession

This paper takes a look at the obsession that women have about their weight and size. It claims that advertising, social pressure and media all have major roles in fanning this obsession. It provides a history of the fashion industry and show how this too has influenced this phenomena.
From the paper:

Weight Obsession Essay Example

“36-24-36? Those numbers might not mean a thing to some, but for many women, they are the hallmark of western society’s obsession with weight. Everywhere you look, scantily clothed women with well-defined midriffs are smiling back from televisions, movie screens, magazines, and billboards. The advertising world wants you to believe that these women have it all: they are beautiful, they are thin, and as a result, they are happier than you. While most people would agree that this is certainly not true, a growing number of women are left wondering: Do I have to be thin to have it all?”

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