Welcome to Love by Ejecta

9 September 2019

The synthpop duo Ejecta, consisting of Neon Indian’s Leanne Mccomber and producer Joel Ford, released their debut full-length studio record Dominae in November 2013. The album included ten tracks that were all a treat to listen, especially the fast-paced danceable “Afraid of the Dark”, which got played on Vampire Diaries. Ford’s well-done synthpop production and Mccomber’s well-written lyrics about love, loss and pretty much problems faced in adulthood makes the LP worth a buy, although it may take a few listens to get yourself into it.

Given that, Ejecta still have a bit of work to do to reach the brilliance that was another duo in the synthpop genre, called The Buggles (remember “Video Killed the Radio Star”?), but they have several chances. They’re now under Young Ejecta, which the name was changed due to a legal issue with the almost simillary-named DJ Ejeca, and are going to put out an extended play/mini-album in January 2015, called The Planet. One of the tracks on there, “Welcome to Love”, has been released as a lead single, and it seems to be a good indication of what we can expect.

Welcome to Love by Ejecta Essay Example

In “Welcome to Love”, Ford’s dreamy 1980’s-influenced production and Macomber’s adulthood lyrics are continued from Dominae, but now with 1970’s pop and Europop influences that make the track even more fun to listen to. The strings, bright synths and percussion are really catchy, and Macomber’s breathy vocals sound clearer than on Dominae, which is a big improvement. It’s a shame this group’s work hasn’t gotten as much attention as it has right now, but it seems like they’re starting to get there. You should definitely keep up with Young Ejecta and hope for a second single off The Planet before the album’s release.

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