Welfare & Gender

4 April 2015
Analzyes biases, injustices, myths, history & reform of system, focusing on welfare mothers & absentee fathers, public opinion, economics and child-rearing.

The Paradox of Welfare:
Policy in Unresolved Conflict with Gender

Welfare & Gender Essay Example

One fourth of all children in America currently live in near-poverty households (Rivlin as quoted in Schorr, 1986, p. 79). Between 1935 and 1950, the elderly had been receiving the bulk proportion of all social welfare programs. Yet by 1970 there were more recepients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) than any other program. Originally social welfare policy had been conceived and administered as aid to the elderly, now its function has become altered until it appears to be primarily offering aid to dependent children of unmarried, divorced or abandoned women (Berkowitz, 1988, p. 203). Is is possible that too much of the burden for children born into..

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