West Side Story soundtrack

6 June 2019

When I heard the original Broadway soundtrack to “West Side Story,” I was absolutely blown away.

As a music lover, the lyrics are pure gold. Even if I didn’t enjoy music as much as I do, I know I’d be repeating the songs’ catchy bits since these lyrics are fun, addictive and go hand in hand with the music.

As soon as I heard the voices, I was pleasantly surprised. Chita Rivera captures the essence of the fiery Anita, while soprano Carol Lawrence, who plays Maria, perfectly hits the notes.

Last, the plot is wonderful and full of life lessons. With a “Romeo and Juliet” theme, it is the story of star-crossed lovers who have sworn allegiance to rival gangs. The lessons are those of racism, love and death.

In short, this is perfect for anyone who enjoys music and dancing.

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