Western Philosophy

8 August 2016

Eastern and Western philosophy are similar but different in many ways. Eastern philosophy includes the various philosophies of ancient China and India, but can also include Islamic, Jewish, and Persian philosophies. Western philosophy refers to the philosophies developed by the ancient Greeks and Indians. There are many differences between Eastern and Western philosophy. One is the east uses concepts by intuition while the west uses concepts by postulations. Another is the west wants logical concrete proof while according to the east reality is known by intuition.

The eastern philosophers are primarily practical while the western philosophers are primarily theoretical. The west is concerned basically with the modern world while the east is concerned with the ancient and past world. Lastly eastern philosophy relationship with religion is integration while western philosophy relationship with religion is opposition. There are many similarities between eastern and western philosophy. The first one is both deal with god in relationships.

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They also deal with beliefs. Lastly the both talk about religion.

A real life situation where eastern philosophy has influenced western philosophy is yoga. Yoga is a systematic approach to spiritual realization. A more accurate understanding that we have today of eastern philosophy is yoga. The eastern philosophy influenced the western philosophy through yoga because in eastern philosophy one of their traditions is to do yoga and it passed on to the western philosophy today because many do yoga to keep calm and find peace, which also why the eastern philosophies did yoga. In this essay I have discussed the differences and similarities between eastern and western philosophy.

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