What Are the Aims of Academic Study

5 May 2018

To begin with, will analyze the main purpose of academic study from two perspectives. Firstly, academic study is beneficial to development of individual abilities. Universities offer students the opportunity to gain a deep academic knowledge in various subjects, which can broaden individual horizon and enrich their knowledge. In the second place, there is no doubt that academic study definitely improves career prospects to some extent. In other words, academic study helps students make certain professional growth and manage occupational planning.

Those who can obtain professional skills and specialized knowledge through learning major-related academic study that ill be well equipped for the further job. It is said that current employers prefer to recruit youngsters who get the better achievements in academic study rather than waste a great deal of time on someone with poor study. As far as how can academic study be achieved, actually, there are several methods that should be taken into account immediately. One of the most effective ways is diminishing class size which can help students to achieve better academic performance. According to the records kept by the U.S. Department of Education, there exist some advantages over other student in ormal-sized class, like more freedom to engage students creatively, dividing into groups for specific project, and so on.

Secondly, teaching methods exert a deep influence on academic study. As stated by Catherine Lewis, an expert on the Japanese educational system and a senior researcher at Mills College, discipline is not imposed by fearsome teachers. Instead, students are honored to be chosen to lead lessons, and they take turns calling the class to order. In addition, there’s an incredibly strong emphasis on class, group and team spirit.Finally, personal motivation is of importance to academic study as well. As we know, a lot of learning depends on individual personal motivation. For instance, SAC in the UNNC that means Self Assess Center, provides all students academic skills support through self-study.

That is to say, personal motivation has a close relation to academic study. From what has been discussed above, students should concentrate most of energies on doing academic study or academic research, as opposed to a boring life at the university, by means Of which they have confidence and the basic ability to realize dreams.

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